The Complete Curtain Design Guide for Every Interior Design

The Complete Curtain Design Guide for Every Interior Design

For those night owls who are not really a morning person, we can assume you hate sunlight that wakes you up too early. That’s why a curtain design is essential for every house! It was born to block out light. However, nowadays, the window treatment can be both purely decorative and functional. A curtain becomes a fashionable item to glam up your space as well.

Since people start to be interested in curtain design. There are many types of curtains that you can enjoy decorating to complete the look for every interior design. You can customize each material such as cotton, velvet, silk, linen, or lace, and attachment styles such as rod pocket, tab top, grommet, and eyelet. Some like the full layered one and put on both curtains and shades, some don’t need much window covering and goes for only blinds.

There’s tons of way to get a decorative window treatment. Here’s our suggestion, the complete curtain design guide for those who are planning to renew your home with the attractive one.

1. Panel Pair Curtain Design

Curtain Design Interior Design

When two separate curtains meet each other, it’s called a panel pair curtain design. It’s a popular type of curtain that you can see in almost every home. To open and to close, you have to pull each panel together, and if you want some lights but not too bright, just leave the tiny space between them to let the soft sunlight brighten the room. If you’re afraid that it might be too ordinary compared with other types, play more with fabrics. It can be simple, pleated, trim, or any favorite style you like. It would be perfect if you choose the window treatment that goes along well with the overall interior design.

2. Single Panel Curtain Design

Curtain Design Interior Design

Normally curtains come in pairs. But a single panel curtain, literally as the name, only one panel will cover the entire window. In some places, a pair of curtains may be too voluminous for a small window, so a single panel is chosen. The drapes can also make ready-to-hang scarf or swag treatments to create an embellished look. Single panel curtain design provides quick treatment for your window with a simple yet modern look.

3. Cornice Curtain Design

Curtain Design Interior Design

First of all, the cornice is the box structure at the top of the window that is created to bring your home the architectural interest. It will box in the window and get you a style and make it look organized at the same time. Cornice can be covered by the pretty fabric as a topper for the drape or can be left open to show the wooden material. Imagine when you’re standing in the plain room and think something is missing. Cornice curtain design helps complete the look of a plain room, making the interior design look more exceptional extraordinary.

4. Swag Curtain Design

Curtain Design Interior Design

Add an ornamental accent to your interior design. Swag can be woven loosely around a rod to look casual, or drape and tie back neatly featuring a tail that hangs alongside to create an elegant classic look, or can be freely designed in any style as you want. Luckily, without a complicated structure like others, swag can showcase more of your favorite designs and materials of the fabric. You can enjoy choosing decorating options for this curtain design.

5. Valance Curtain Design

Curtain Design Interior Design

Valance is a short curtain that was born to bring the dramatic detail for your window treatment and hide curtain rod and rings at the same time. It can be an add-on in the part of a layered curtain to create more gimmick or even outstanding standalone without additional curtains. This curtain design doesn’t need an underlying structure at the top of the window. Because of that, it brings you a softer look for the whole interior design. Pairing valance with shades or blinds is the creative way to decorate the window when you need the complete eye-catching look.

6. Window Tier Curtain Design

Curtain Design Interior Design

If you see the fabric panels covering just the bottom half of the window, you can assume that it’s a window tier. If you love a casual interior design, get your window a piece of frilly fabric. This kind of window treatment will bring a relaxed look and feel like staying in the country-style beachfront cottage. Mostly, the rest top half is left for valance or swag. It can be paired with another type of curtains and are can be featured in various hanging styles to get a stylish appearance. This curtain design suits homeowners that want privacy but still need natural light.

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