6 Popular Types of Interior Staircase Design

6 Popular Types of Interior Staircase Design

Considering a staircase design, it’s not only the beauty you need to concern about. The right staircase for your home or any space is the one that answers your need about style, structure, construction, privacy, safety, and also harmoniousness with overall interior design.

For staircase design, there are a lot of things to enjoy designing. If the basic old staircase is too boring, you can customize every part to create a unique one by choosing the style and material of handrails, risers, stringer, tread, and so on. Today, we collect popular design ideas and useful information for you. It’s time to create the most showstopping staircase for your place!

1. Straight Staircase Design

Staircase-Design-Interior Design

The most common style to think of. Straight staircase, literally as its name, the stair without bend and direction change. Since it requires a simple structure without extra or special support, it’s the easiest type for installation. However, with the limited structure, it results in limited design and creativity. Still, a straight staircase is not that boring. Everything in the world has a chance to be stylish, so does it. There are various parts of the stairs that can be decorated, such as handrails, risers, stringer, and tread. Instead of normal handrails, why don’t you try a stylish transparent glass or slim steel to embellish the pathway upstairs? A lot of homeowners even give it a vibrant by painting the risers like an art piece. Luckily, if your staircase has a central landing, that’s where you can hang your favorite artwork or flower vase. A captivating staircase design always brings visual interest to interior design, even the straight one.

2. L Shaped Staircase

Staircase-Design-Interior Design

Just by looking at the ‘L’, you can easily imagine how L shzped staircase design looks like. It’s a straight one with a turn or bend, normally 90 degrees. While the straight staircase takes away too much of your space with its length, the L shape will save you. It adds an interesting architectural view to your room and the privacy that comes with a turn walk line as well. No matter what your place looks like, L shaped staircase is versatile enough to adapt to almost every types of interior design with its basic structure and easy installation.

3. U Shaped Staircase

Staircase-Design-Interior Design

For anyone who faces a small space problem and is afraid that the wide staircase design will make your room look tight, U shaped staircase with its two parallel flights jointed by 180 degrees turn is the best choice for your interior design. You can take advantage of smart zoning by placing it connected to the wall in the corner of the room. But if you got more space and prefer a majestic look, try put the staircase at the center of the room, let the elegant switchback design and the iconic shape of the stringer be the stunning focal point and the first impression for every visitor step into your home.

4. Spiral Staircase

Staircase-Design-Interior Design

You may be familiar with the remarkable bird’s eye view of a spiral staircase that interior design photographers will never miss. It’s design-centered stairs that form a perfect circle. You can find it in various styles, such as the antique one that usually comes with smoked wooden or thin iron railing, or in futuristic space where the bent staircase design made of monochrome white plaster brings the minimal vibe to your space. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages that you need to concern. If the step is too steep, it will become a red zone for those clumsy people. The larger diameter of the staircase, the more walkability you will get.

5. Curved Staircase


Another way to say “art”. If you get bored of normality, find something curved. A curved staircase was born to add a sense of creativity to your interior design. Since it has a large radius but not that full circle, sometimes it’s a symmetrical one, but somehow in someplace, it’s designed to be asymmetrical to show the masterpiece artwork that represents the perfect imperfections. Especially when locates at the entryway, it will become the most memorable thing for every guest. Nevertheless, you need to exchange the beauty with the high expense. Since it has a complex structure, curved staircase design requires the most difficult installation.

6. Cantilever Staircase

Floating stairs that will make you feel like floating in the air. Normally, a Cantilever staircase is a stair without risers. What’s gonna be like to step up and down and see everything through the tiny space of stairs? This is a creative way to create a dreamlike look and feel for your room. It’s popular in modern interior design, in which everything looks trendy and contemporary. Cantilever staircase design needs no extra structural support. The metal frame can be used and the stair stringer can be both exposed or hidden in whatever style you want. It requires a high cost but If you want to create a groovy space, we can assure you it’s worthwhile.

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