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Leo Design Group, formerly known as Leo International Design Group or LIDG, ultra luxury architecture and interior design firm founded in 1972 with offices in Thailand and Singapore. With numerous industry awards, we have stood at the forefront of the global design scene, and become the regional benchmark for the industry in Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, and Healthcare.

Redefine Design Excellence.

Redefine Design Excellence.

Redefine Design Excellence.

Our extensive collection of projects worldwide serves as compelling evidence of our diverse exposure to various styles of beauty. With a steadfast commitment to surpassing expectations, we are primed to go above and beyond in our endeavors.

We embraced the Art of Simplicity. Our Design Firm seamlessly blends the grace of classic aesthetics with the innovation of modern concepts. We believe in the power of timeless elegance, redefined for the contemporary world.

Our team of visionaries meticulously crafts spaces that stand the test of time, inspiring awe and admiration. From clean lines to harmonious proportions, we create captivating environments where every element tells a story of refined sophistication. Trust us to elevate your surroundings with our signature charm and modern allure. Welcome to a new era of design excellence. Welcome to Leo Design Group world.

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From inception to completion, we ensure a seamless and valuable pathway to achieving success. Our team of qualified experts, equipped with versatile capabilities and profound expertise, is dedicated to guiding you toward your desired destination.

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For decades, we have been responsible for the world’s leading hotel brands, trusted by high-end homeowners and developers, bringing off varying scale and complexity for both commercial and healthcare sector, from the past to the modern day.

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