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Leo Design Group, formerly known as Leo International Design Group or LIDG, ultra luxury architectural and interior design firm founded in 1972 with offices in Thailand and Singapore. With numerous industry awards, we have stood at the forefront of the global design scene, and become the regional benchmark for the industry in Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, and Healthcare.

The greatest reflection of your mind
If a strong bond is defined as understanding someone by just looking into the eyes, our half century of experiences let us truly understand your needs by just one word. With an air of sophistication, we are trusted by clients around the world.

Luxe living, what else in the world could define it better than the luxury interior design and architecture?
To let you feel special, classy, and embraced by a scent of fragrance and finest treatment, we reflect the true aesthetic of extravagance through the sophisticated design and opulent detailing. With 50 million sqm. of completed high-end projects, we truly understand the essence of luxe. Leo Design Group promises to deliver uniqueness, creativity, inspiration, along with 5-star services from our professional and international designers.

makes your life easier.

From the start through the end. From initial concept to construction. We make sure your pathway to the success is smooth and worthwhile. With versatile ability to accomplish whatever you need, our highly-qualified experts with a depth of knowledge are here to guide you to the destination.

With us, there are no boundaries.

Thousand of projects around the world as the greatest proof that we have been through various style of beauty, and ready to go bound and beyond.
Diversity is beautiful, as long as we believe every single human on earth has their own uniqueness and identity that no one else has. We won’t stop at thousands and are aiming to deliver everything as you wish.
years and beyond
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million sqm. of project

Our Clients

For decades, we have been responsible for the world's leading hotel brands, trusted by high-end homeowners and developers, bringing off varying scale and complexity for both commercial and healthcare sector, from the past to the modern day.