How different types of ceiling design make difference to interior design

How different types of ceiling design make difference to interior design

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Imagine when you’re lying on the sofa and looking at the plain white ceiling, you might see emptiness with no creative ideas coming out. Not only emotionally, ceiling design unexpectedly creates an aesthetical effect on any interior design. Sometimes it gets overlooked and was left simple and boring. Actually, besides changing the paintings, you can enjoy selecting various designs, structures, and materials to personalize your ceilings to meet your taste and desire.

Different ceiling types may resemble different places, but with the versatility, it can be adapted in any type of interior design. You can find the church-like golden coved ceiling in a house since the owner wants it to look luxurious and historical.

First of all, let’s see how many types of ceiling design that you might miss! Take a look at how each of them is different and represents their outstanding accent.

1. Conventional Ceiling Design


Conventional ceiling, the most common type found in home interior design. It’s the basic one with a standard drywall finish. Since it’s flat and plain, it seems to be recognized as the ordinary ceiling without any interest. Actually, it’s not that boring as you thought. Besides the shape, you can play with color and height. A lot of homeowners find it interesting with paintings, a double-height ceiling brings a luxury accent like staying in a high-end duplex house. Conventional ceiling design also requires easy installment with lower-cost materials. You can save money with structured things and spend more with creative details

2. Suspended Ceiling Design


Suspended ceiling, also known as dropped ceiling. You can commonly find this ceiling type in interior design of commercial buildings, offices, or retail. It always comes with metal grid ceiling systems which are typically adopted to produce suspended ceilings to hide mechanical stuff like pipe or wiring of electrical, plumbing, and lighting fixtures. As its name, a dropped ceiling design is a secondary part that drops and hangs below the main structural one. It’s normally covered with basic white tiles, but there are tons of designs with different shapes, colors, and textures that you can enjoy decorating.

3. Coffered Ceiling Design


High-end homeowners would love this, since it offers them a classic and luxury look. Coffered ceilings are found in church, library, hotel as well. The unique identity of this ceiling type is the grid of inverted panels. Coffered ceiling design is not just historical, it’s timeless. It doesn’t only consist of multiple segments of square, but also rectangular, octagon, and any shape you like. For those who want to to add depth to interior design, perfect dimensionality is totally the best choice. Moreover, it also brings an elegant touch to space with those geometric cuts and delicate details. However, you need expert carpentry or specialist since coffered ceiling requires specific installation.

4. Tray Ceiling Design / Panned Ceiling Design


If you hear the name, you definitely recognize how it looks like. Tray ceiling, as same as its name, the layout resembles an upside-down tray. It’s a multi-level ceiling type that the primary ceiling which is the highest part is raised about a foot higher to add a 3-dimensional effect. Tray ceiling design creates the illusion of height and makes a room taller. You can even choose level or height as you want. Most homeowners like to add trim or molding between layers. Some create gimmicks by adding some color or line, some decorate the primary part with wooden panels, some even add some lighting there and that is when your room’s ceiling turns to be the most eye-catching spot.

5. Cove Ceiling Design


Speaking of churches, you might think of some elegant cove ceilings for sure. It’s a dome-link design with curve molding or framing. Actually, you can find them in formal room, theaters, and even home as well. Since this ceiling design has a round curve framing, it offers a soft and smooth finish that will give a comfortable feel while representing a dramatic impact. You don’t need to have only traditional interior design plan to get this type of ceiling, it can work with both modern and traditional one. You can choose different materials and framing detail to personalize it in various styles and get the ornamental look!

6. Cathedral Ceiling Design / Vaulted Ceiling Design


This ceiling type might remind you of Tudor house. Cathedral ceiling or vaulted ceiling creates an inverted V shape with a tip as the highest point. It provides a steep sloping structure that is compatible with a large home, especially the one with a pitched roof. There are different types of cathedral ceilings, such as barrels with a single curved arch, groin with You can choose cathedral ceilings for foyers or grand living room to add a dramatic impact to every visitor.

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