The Best Home Lighting Ideas For Every Room

The Best Home Lighting Ideas For Every Room

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The Best Home Lighting Ideas For Every Room

How are your life gonna be without lights?

First, you can’t see anything. Second, you can’t see how lighting artistically blends with interiors and fulfill the world with the fascinating glow and illumination effects.
In the interior design world where furnitures are the hero, lighting may be overseen as it is a small thing, not that outstanding. But in fact, home lighting is a key feature that has the potential to dramatically change the appearance and atmosphere of your home, if you choose the right one.

Let us show you the way lighting brightens up your home with its special characteristics. There are tons of creative designs that you would say wow! Here are the creative home lighting design ideas that will make you want to renew your interior design instantly.

1. Hallway x Pendant light


You never get a second chance to create a good first impression. So It’s essential to create a memorable impact since the entrance hallway is always the first and last thing that will forever remain in your guest’s mind. If you’re planning to add the opulent ornament to your interior design, we recommend a pendant lighting or hanging lantern that will draw the eye into your home through its captivating design.

2. Living room x Chandelier


The light tone of interior design is tastefully complimenting vivid furnitures in your living room. The high-fashion wouldn’t be completed without the elegant chandelier, the focal point that attracts every eye with its imaginative crystal design and delicate detail, as well as the lighting effect that is expressed in a unique way. 

3. Dining room x Candlelight


Do you remember the romantic scene when a guy invites his girlfriend to dinner preparing to propose to her? A woman steps into the dark room surprisingly looking at him through the dim light of the candle that is going to brighten up her day. It’s just simple candlelight that a normal guy can find, but lighting turns the scene to be incredibly powerful and meaningful. It’s dining room, the place where conversation, and sometimes the special events, happens. A chandelier, flush-mouth, or even a general recessed can light, can work well in many interior designs both functionally and decoratively.

4. Kitchen room x Semi-flush light


Warm light glowing around kitchen space brings the charm to the neutral counter and gives shiny metal cabinet the artistic reflection, turn it to be the wonderful space just one click to the switch. Semi-flush ceiling lights, with an airspace between the ceiling and fixture, are the recommended choice to add a touch to your kitchen nook through its ambient lighting effect.

5. Bathroom x Sconces


Speaking of bathroom, another main thing aside from taking a bath is spending time with yourself in front of the mirror, isn’t it? Sure, a sufficient amount of light is really necessary. We recommend dimmable sconces on each side of mirrors to balance lighting and match with every activity there. Turn it brightest when it’s skincare routine time. Turn it to dim light when you need to relax in the bathtub while listening to your classical song.

6. Bedroom x Layered lighting


I bet bedroom is a private space for everyone. Some think of it as a cozy room to lay down and rest your mind after work and some think of it as a silent place to concentrate on their creative ideas. When it’s a place where a lot of activity happens, it’s better to layer the lights with every types. Ambient lighting enables you to do general tasks when you don’t need bright and focused light. Task lighting, such as a reading lamp, bedside table lamps, or hanging pendant, to illuminate a specific area when you need a bit more focus. Especially dimmers, the multifunctional lights that always add an extra dimension to any interior design, and also accommodate multiple needs from low lighting to full brightness.

Lighting is a visual illusion that helps you create a picture-perfect room. It’s designed for different moments you spend, but it will always bring your room aesthetics through its alluring fixtures and stunning reflection every time you turn it on altogether. Even small fixtures with little lights mean so much to your home. If you take time and delicately choose the best light you love. We can assure that you will not want to turn off your light anymore.

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