7 Ways How Rug Completely Changes Your Home Interior Design

7 Ways How Rug Completely Changes Your Home Interior Design

Source : Home Designing

7 Ways How Rug Completely Changes Your Home Interior Design

For anyone who is starting your new life with your new home. If you’re planning to decorate your space and got an interior design idea in your hand, but still think something is missing, we have an answer for you.

Almost every interior design wouldn’t be completed without a rug. It’s not just the item to cover your blank floor, but the special add-on that personalizes your home, giving the unique and charm point that will capture every eye. Just 1 piece of rug can change everything. It can be an innovative gimmick, matching color with furnitures, or a contrast to the wall. No matter it’s an abstract pattern or a basic one with simple color. Let’s see how each style of rugs can change your home interior design.

1. Modern Interior Design x Traditional Rug

How Rug Completely Changes Your Interior Design
Source : Home Designing

When the past meets the present. A timeless interior design that traditional rug and contemporary furniture blend well with its unique characteristics. Making your home the special place where everyone walks pass through different moments of life. If you got a modern living room with a deluxe sofa set and lay down the sheepskin area rug there, it will definitely turn out pretty luxurious. But if you apply the traditional Persian rugs, it would be a creative idea to get a contrasting look with a contemporary twist.

2. Vintage Interior Design x Geometric Rug

Source : Homes and Gardens

Geometric pattern was born to bring some movement. When the furnitures in your space comes in a neutral tone and shape or anything that gives the calm look, for example, the vintage style that looks peacefully old-fashioned. A geometric pattern rug brings the directional contrast into the room with its organic form and textures, offers a gimmick, and boosts up a homely interior design to be more fashionable and excited with interesting elements. The way you choose the perfect complement color also recalls geometric art and lets you see the rug as a special art piece.

3. Modern Interior Design x Jute Rug

Source : Homes and Gardens

With its warmness and natural texture, we can say that jute rugs are the best choice for your earthy home interior design where every single earth tone elements gather together, like wooden furnitures, brick wall, or Porcelain flooring. Also, if you wanna add a nature-friendly vibe to your modern room, a jute rug can play that role too. Aside from natural brown, there are various color options that can give a touch of fanciness to your room with its vivid and vibrancy. Jute rugs let you feel down on earth, yet modern.

4. Luxury Interior Design x Painterly Rug

Source : Galerie Magazine

It’s 2021 and you don’t need to keep your beautiful artwork just for the wall. The watery and brushstroke rug brings an abstract painterly effect to your space. As well as the splash of color from rug and furniture that aesthetically matches and turns your home into an art gallery. Adding a painterly rug is the way to upgrade your luxury interior design since abstract painting is always the thing that represents high class and richness. You can even hang those artistic rugs on the wall!

5. Contemporary Interior Design x Futuristic Rug

Source : Home Designing

Futurism is said to be the fusion of minimalism and creativity. Area rug with a strong geometric shape like curved and angular pattern characterizes the futuristic interior design, especially when it comes with monochromatic color and metallic materials. Aside from bringing the surreal movement to the room with the smooth lines, the futuristic rug also offers you neutral aesthetics with a calm but interesting background. If you add a futuristic rug to your contemporary space. It’s gonna be like walking from the present to the future.

6. Art Deco Interior Design x Hide Rug

Source : Hideaway Gifts

Throwback time to The Great Gatsby period, the Art Deco interior design always brings you glamour and luxury through its symmetrical designs and exuberant shapes. A hide rug is one of the popular items to add a stunning highlight to your room. It’s a remarkable add-on that offers you a touch of elegance and modernity and will take you back to the old-school home in the 1920s. Matching with furnitures and fixtures with rich color and bold geometry that fulfill the art deco vibe.

7. Every Interior Design x Abstract Rug

Source : Society of British Interior Design

Speaking of abstract, it focuses on unique architectural elements, something asymmetrical, and incorporated chaotic aspects that bring you a fresh and unique perspective. When the word ‘abstract’ transforms into a rug, it definitely will be a spectacular furnishing item that can apply to almost every type of home interior design. If you try adding an abstract rug to any room, it will instantly spread the artistic look and especially the sense of secret puzzle, since you can’t really tell the meaning of those spiritual patterns.

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There are a million types of rug that represent a million characteristics. Since every pattern has its own story, choosing a rug is important. It will define your home, and yourself too. If you’re looking for someone to build your new home or decorate your new space, Leo Design Group offers you professional Architectural Services and Interior Design. We can help you personalize your space as your satisfaction with 5-star services over 50 years of experience.

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