5 Inspiring Garden Patio Design Ideas

5 Inspiring Garden Patio Design Ideas

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5 Inspiring Garden Patio Design Ideas

If you’re following a lot of people and celebrities in any outgoing lifestyles, just skimming through the Instagram timeline for 30 seconds, I bet you can see most of them get out and enjoy the great outdoors, like the beach, park, forest, or their own backyards that look like a stunning garden patio we can see on the architectural design books.

The patio is a multi-functional space where you can relax, work, have dinner in the open air and under the open sky. Spending most time in the day or even inviting your friends to an outdoor cocktail party.

However, some of you may spend so much time on your interior decoration, some need to leave their backyards blank since they have no time or no idea what it’s gonna look like. How to make an empty square grassland become a stylish space like those iconic Instagram posts?

Here is some inspiration for garden patio design ideas that you would love!

1. Multi-zoning garden patio


As you can see, the garden also has its own character & personality. Some are the easy-going garden with a simple classic bench that delivers you a simple day to chill out, some are the luxury patio with marble elements that offers you a royal dinner with 5-star mountain resort vibes. But if you love them all, why don’t you have both?

The multi-zoned garden is designed for people who spend most of their time on the patio. Working, relaxing, dining, living a whole life there. It uses different materials to give space a clear distinction. A decking area with a special wool couch for busy social space when your guests arrive here with non-stop conversation. A tiled patio for your relaxing moment and gives a sense of nature, for you to sit with a glass of wine and your favorite book. Greenery lawn with multicolored flower bed for a pretty selfie with a stunning background of summer daisies.

2. Natural & organic feel 

Souce : Gardeningetc

Porcelain tiles are forever popular for flooring, especially in outdoor environments like walkways and patios. Since it’s stain and wear-resistant, it’s an ideal material that comes with high durability with an array of colors, sizes, and shapes for every house owner that loves an organic and natural feel.

Rather than the classic stone paving that is generally chosen for outdoor flooring, Porcelain tiles are the clever way to glam up your patio and give your garden the touch of high-class with its deluxe patterns.

3. Surrounding by the raised flowerbed

Souce : Garden Know How

Remember the movie scene when a girl invites her new date to see her parents while having a simple dinner with a simple t-shirt but ends up waiting for the main dish at the enormous patio surrounded by raised flower beds and her royal family as if they are in the palace’s garden? Yes, we remember how the colorful flower beds are so breathtakingly beautiful.

It’s the creative idea to add a splash of color and liveliness to your garden space. Put a decent classic table and chair, luxury ceramic dinnerware, and transform your courtyard into the most memorable dining space ever.

4. Extension of indoor spaces

Souce : Gardeningetc

Speaking of a garden patio, most of you might think of the outdoor living space surrounded by greenery right? Actually, it can also be located next to your kitchen and connected to your garden as well. Sometime 

With seamlessly adjoining and the perfect match-up tiles, you can create the alfresco dining space, the creative ideas to enjoy open-air dining in front of your backyard. Still, it’s a convenient way for you to reach the kitchen counter and refrigerator while your beloved kids want some more sandwiches!

5. Creative combination of patio and porch

Source : Three Birds Renovations

When thinking about a porch, you may think of the cozy sofa and resting area in front of the house that always has an enclosed wall and roof with the wood-framed floor as a unique feature. Whilst a patio is a space open to the sky, usually for dining or entertaining. It delivers a sense of nature by a paved surface and surrounded by greenery in the backyard garden.

What if we create a relaxing area with a raised deck and enclosed roof in the middle of your backyard garden? Is it a porch or patio? We only know it turns out to be a new private space that calls itself a garden room.

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