Why every interior design needs an Accent Chair?

Why every interior design needs an Accent Chair?

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Speaking of furnitures, the very first things that always come up in your mind must be a table, bed, shelf, and of course, chair. Those are the main functional items you will need for furnishing to complete the interior design of your space.

The accent chair is not only for sitting. Just as its name, it’s the extra seating with the purpose of adding a special accent and personality to any interior design. It’s the functional decor piece that embellishes the room with its decorative element. There are tons of colors and styles to choose. Most homeowners prefer the matching one to blend with the overall look, while some want an eye-catching accent chair to grab attention.

Here are the popular types of accent chairs that homeowners pick for their beloved home. Take a look at each concept and design element, and choose your favorite one for perfect interior design.

Popular Accent Chair vs Interior Design Style

1. Wingback Accent Chair

Source : New York Times

Did you know chairs can have wings too! A wingback chair is an accent chair with wings attached to the seatback which comes in various styles. If you prefer the traditional vibes, try a rustic-chic velvet wingback with a wooden frame and nailhead trim. If you wanna go for modern, try a streamlined one with leather upholstery and metal framing. Most of the wingback chair has a high back, making it look grand and elegant like a sophisticated Queen’s throne. A wingback chair is versatile furniture that is adaptable with any type of interior design, from modern luxury to old-school vintage.

2. Egg Accent Chair

Source : HEALS

Meet the design classic furniture of all time. Egg chair is first created in 1958 by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen by ergonomically molding the structure out of foam. The curving shape of this accent chair resembles an egg with a star-shaped base. Since that time the building is surrounded by horizontal and vertical lines, egg chair becomes outstanding popular with its revolutionary form. It can be covered by many styles of upholstery, such as fabric, velvet, leather, or even a metallic one. With its futuristic shape, an egg chair will definitely add a modish touch and makes the perfect contemporary interior design. However, in eclectic interior design where mismatched furnitures mean aesthetics, you can place any accent chair you like even it’s not the same style as the overall ambiance.

3. Wassily Accent Chair

Source : Houzz

The first-ever chair to feature a bent-steel frame. Wassily chair is first created in 1926 by Marcel Breuer. It’s famous for the construction of seamless steel tubing which can bend without breaking the beautiful curve. Wherever a Wassily chair is, every space is modernized by the sophisticated structure which is complex yet captivating. It’s the perfect furniture choice for any modern interior design when the owner needs some gimmick in the room. However, by changing into the eathy color tone and rustic or leather upholstery, the metal accent chair can go along well with classic and bohemian space as well.

4. Womb Accent Chair

Source : Hive Modern

The womb chair was born to be comfortable yet artistic furniture ever, said Eero Saarinen, the designer who created this iconic accent chair of the century. The enveloping form delivers a cozy shape for owners to spend time relaxing and appreciate the decorative design as well. The base is made of tubular steel, while the smooth curve is molded foam covered by various upholstery. However, the unique form is not that versatile to suit every interior design. With its timeless design along with clean line and effortless beauty, it will perfectly suit modern and contemporary space the most. Sometimes, a womb chair comes with an ottoman with the same style.

5. Barrel Accent Chair

Source : NOSGA

Barrel chair is popular furniture that you can find in almost everywhere. In a practical way, the round shape and thick cushion are designed to be extremely comfortable. Nowadays, original rounded barrel chairs transform into a lot of shapes like oval and square. There is a various style that can adapt to any interior design. A tufted barrel chair matches the classic and antique interior with its elegant detail, a channeled one with velvet upholstery adds a stylish look to the modern luxury living room, and the simple upholstered swivel one is perfect for contemporary space. Even a bamboo barrel accent chair exists to complete your indoor look! Some owners also use it as storage since there is a space below the seat. 

If you’ve already done the essential part and overall furnitures and still have some space left, maybe the empty spot in the corner of the living room, the tiny space next to a bookcase, or the available space near your window beside table bed. Those special empty places mean something, it’s waiting for you to place something interesting like an accent chair.

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