Walk-in Closet for your Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
Walk-in Closet Luxury Bedroom Interior Design

Walk-in Closet for your Luxury Bedroom Interior Design

Walk-in Closet Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
Source : Home Designing

A walk-in closet was portrayed as a symbol of wealth for the upper class. As you can see in luxury bedrooms in Hollywood movies, every rich girl always has a walk-in closet full of uncountable expensive clothing that they would take years to choose. The storage’s height even reaches the wall and looks elegant like the fashion showcase more than a wardrobe. But nowadays you can find it in any luxury interior design. Anyone can get it posh!

Get to know a walk-in closet

Walk-in Closet Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
Source : Home Designing

If you’re planning to build a brand new luxury bedroom, one thing you can’t miss is the walk-in closet.

In the past, a walk-in closet may be a large space to access your wardrobe. Now it’s not just a space, but an extra special room to spend time picking your favorite cocktail dress, a pair of Louboutin, high-end cross-body bags, and a dressing table full of makeup and skincare. Even the refrigerator is there in your luxury bedroom!

The concept of luxury interior design can be easily explained as the way to create a space that consists of everything the owner needs. Most of them own uncountable fashion items that need to be organized and easily accessible. That’s why a walk-in closet with a large space and convenient features is the must-have spot in their homes.

3 Reasons why your luxury bedroom needs a walk-in closet

Walk-in Closet Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
Source : Archiexpo

1. Categorize your belongings

If you’re one of the people that says ‘I have nothing to wear’ when you have tons of items, we guess you just can’t find it and need to renew your closet right now. A walk-in closet was born to help you to categorize it so that you can see the overall picture. Since you have a large space, you can get the individual shelf of clothes, shoes, and bags. It also adds a luxe look to any interior design as well.

2. Unlimited functions

Besides organizing fashion items, some walk-in closets even have a refrigerator to store premium skincare and some bottle of your favorite champagne.

3. Enjoy decorating

You can decorate as it’s one special room in your home. Interior design is not only about decorating the room, the closet in luxury bedroom can go glam too! By adding an elegant chandelier on the wall, set the swag curtain, place the velvet area rugs, and sit on your personal ottoman, a walk-in closet can become the most ornamental private space in your home.

Types of a walk-in closet

Walk-in Closet Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
Source : Home Designing

1. Single-sided walk-in closet

It’s the common and smallest one. The storage will go to the opposite wall of the entrance. Sometimes it looks like a reach-in closet with a lot more space. This type of walk-in closet would be the best choice if you prefer a walk-in closet but not too large. Some people just need it to look like a special corner of a luxury bedroom where they can take a rest. It’s also easy to manage the layout in interior design.

2. Double-sided walk-in closet

Don’t you feel like a prince and princess to be surrounded by two grand tall storages side by side when stepping in here? As same as the name, the storage units will be on the opposing walls, leaving the rest of the space be your pathway covered with sheepskin rugs to the vanity table with the diamond frame mirror. The best choice to uplift your luxury interior design.

Tips to decorate your walk-in closet

Walk-in Closet Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
Source : Home Designing

1. Island

If you think your walk-in closet is missing something, we guess it’s the island. It’s always added to complete the classy look. An island is an extra unit that is always added into an extra-large luxury bedroom, which normally comes up with a luxury interior design. Apart from using the island as the storage or shelf, it can be decorated as a mirror showcase of your accessories like necklace, earrings, and rings as well

2. Standing mirror

After finished dressing up, I guess everyone needs to ask advice from another self in the mirror. But what’s gonna ever be better than a full-length standing mirror or a beveled mirror wall that offers convenience and a decorative boutique look as well. You can pick any frame and shape to match the best with your luxury interior design.

3. Ottoman, dressing bench, or even sofa!

No matter what style it is, having an ottoman, dressing bench, or sofa set in the walk-in closet automatically creates a posh look. You also find it useful while trying the 100 pairs of heels. We suggest adding some round velvet tufted with caster legs, the best for classic and convenience. Velvet is well-known for the popular material using in luxury interior design.

4. Chandelier

Think of luxury interior design, think of chandelier. After the walk-in closet becomes one of the rooms in your home, different chandeliers can set the look and feel. Some pick the classic one with brass and gold mixture to align with their embellished furnitures. While some love it simple but modern and go with the geometric shape one along with flat line shelves.

5. Lighting

Layered lighting is always be chosen as an attractive ambiance in luxury interior design. Many luxury bedroom owners want their walk-in closet to look grand and ornamental. Most of them have a remote to switch on and off the light in each storage unit as they want, and letting dimmers do their job when you only need the light at the dresser while you’re on your skincare routine.

Walk-in Closet Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
Source : Home Designing

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