Trending Wood Flooring: Which one suits your home interior design the most?

Trending Wood Flooring: Which one suits your home interior design the most?

Wood always symbolizes nature.

It is the popular element that is mostly selected when the design needs to add some natural vibes, along with wicker, sisal, and artisanal-made things. Nowadays, you can find woods in every aspect of interior design, not just as the natural point, but it becomes the core element that changes the whole mood of interior design.

There is a various style of wood since there is various kind of trees. Of course, the color and pattern are various. When you say you want wood flooring, which one by the way? It depends on how you want your place look like and the furniture you choose. Some have bright colors and clean textures. While some have dark old shades and artisanal grain. Let’s see how it looks to have each type of wood for your flooring design!

1. Ash Wood Flooring

Source : Carlisle

Forever favorite for minimal and contemporary lovers. The ash wood flooring comes with a special lighter shade than other kinds of wood, which makes it look so classy. There is a variety of neutral shades, such as blonde, beige, and white, making it the perfect choice to match with natural and bright tone interior design. Speaking of texture, ash wood appears in a meandering grain pattern. You can find it in a straight line or swirl line, depending on what you want your floor to look like. The brighter color also visually makes the overall space look so much larger.

2. Bamboo Wood Flooring

Our Project : Grand Fortune Hotel Bangkok

Bamboo wood flooring is always known as the popular choice of warm and earthy interior design. It creates a perfect natural look when pairing with greenery, such as plants or a vertical garden. You can enjoy choosing the right shades for your interior color palette, since there are many shades from light to dark, from beige, brown, reddish-brown, to dark brown, and so on. Texture mostly comes in a straight clean line. You can easily tell from the pattern. Bamboo wood can be adapted to various styles, from modern to vintage. It’s a fast-renewing resource which makes it less expensive than hardwood.

3. Laminate Wood Flooring

Our Project : Hilton Huizhou Longmen Resort, China

As you know, laminate is a synthetic floor that is replicated to look like the real woods. That means there are hundreds of colors and textures in the market for you to shop. Sometimes laminate flooring fulfills your need by its various choices of appearance. However, since it’s not genuine wood, the lifespan may be limited when facing too much traffic and moisture.

4. Mahogany Wood Flooring

Source : CAAN Design

As its name, mahogany is a reddish-brown color that mostly comes in a rich dark tone. Many people usually pick it for decorating maximalist interior design, as well as the classic, traditional, colonial, or oriental style. Mahogany wood and its pattern deliver a feeling of old, like it’s originally from hundred years ago. Since it has a rich color and texture, it’s important to consider the balance when pairing with other rich tone furnitures.

5. Oak Wood Flooring

Source : CAAN Design

Another choice to customize your dream home. By the magic of wood stain, oakwood can be varied in color and pattern. Normally, you will see the natural oak as the standard one with a neutral brown tone. But actually there are many tones from light to dark, such as ivory oak as beige and white, driftwood as grey and greyish brown, autumn oak as maple reddish-brown, and classic oak as dark brown. Because of that, it’s free to apply oakwood in any interior design. The neutral look and cleanliness of oakwood are great for adding a relaxed vibe to Mediterranean and country chic homes.

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