How to choose the right color palette for your interior design?

How to choose the right color palette for your interior design?

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Why people go for a walk at the park to clear their minds?
Why everyone sends red and pink roses in Valentine?
Why hospitals are always white and blue?
Every color has meaning. There is a reason for this.

Can you live in a world of black and white? Imagine life without color. I think we’re going to miss some feeling that colors bring us. Colors create a mood. It has psychological effects that make it an important element that every designers concern. Apart from affecting human mind, color of furniture, upholstery, wall, ceiling, or anything, will create the look and feel of the space. The color you choose will set the tone of interior design. Sometimes the whole space depends on the color palette. Tips for home decor lovers, Color changes, everything changes.

Whoever you are, homeowners, business owners, or any designers. If you’re not sure which color you will need for the current interior design projects, get to know the meaning of these main colors first. Let’s see which color is perfect for each room!

1. Red Interior Design

Source : ATO Studio Construction

Red, the fire color that people are always talking about. Every eye is going to stare at anyone walking on the red carpet, right? As well as home decor, since it’s a color with a strong impact, we always choose red to grab attention. Red represents passion, energy, and excitement.

In the all-white living room, some designers pick a powerful red sofa as a focal point to create an unforgettable first impression for the guests. While some designers select other various red shades as an accent color in the dining room and kitchen, like dark red, pink, and reddish-brown, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and especially to increase appetite and stimulate conversation. Sometimes, red plays the leading role in interior design, as the color that is standing in the middle of the spotlight.

2. Orange Interior Design

Source : Elemental Interior

The second choice for people who prefers something energetic for home decor, but concerns that red might be too aggressive. Orange is always a color of fun and liveliness. It delivers energy and excitement as red does, but with a softer feeling.

If parents would like to design a new bedroom for their kids, designers might suggest orange first. With its energetic and adventurous mood, orange helps raise enthusiasm. It’s also a great choice for workspace interior design where you need energy, creativity, and encouragement as well. For the dining room and kitchen, as same as red, orange is good for increasing appetite for every meal.

3. Yellow Interior Design

Source : Tribe Creative

The cheerful yellow that we love. You can say that yellow is the color of sunshine that brings you joy and happiness. The bright yellow represents optimism. Gold gives you wealth, prestige, and wisdom. Various shades of yellow have different meanings, it depends on how you use it in home decor.

For interior design choices, many hallways are painted yellow to welcome guests with a friendly and inviting feeling. The house with bright yellow paint is always seen as a place of freshness to start a brand new day. Yellow is the best choice if you want your place to be fresh. You can also use it as a complementary color in the blue living room to create a classic palette and add a vivid gimmick. But please beware not to use too bright or too muted shade. Using too much yellow can decrease temper and be overstimulating. Using dark and dingy yellow can be sophisticated, but too much can cause the meaning of sickness and danger.

4. Blue Interior Design

Source : Mark D. Sikes

Blue is known as the peaceful color that brings down blood pressure and slow heart rate. With the sense of serenity, blue gently delivers a calming effect to home decor. Light blue resembles health and healing. This is the reason why you always find hospitals blue and white.

Designers use it to create a tranquil atmosphere that will calm every chaos down. Blue is perfect for bedroom interior design when you’re trying to create a mood of safe and sound. When you get back home tired of work, the softness of a soft blue finish can heal your mind. It also works well in a workspace where you need a quiet place for creativity and brainstorming.

However, various shades of blue bring different feelings. Deep midnight blue provides a sense of luxury. Dark blue delivers knowledge, seriousness, and reliability which is a great choice for the formal areas. French light blue is the perfect pairing for yellow to create a color palette for country chic kitchen interior design.

5. Green Interior Design

Source : Sherwin Williams

How do you feel after lying on the grass field surrounded by hundreds of trees on your bad day? People always see greenery as something to help relax your mind. Of course, green resembles nature. It’s the most restful color that represents calmness and freshness. Still, dark green can be greed and ambition, it will result in a different mood in home decor.

Since green is the part of cool tone team, it’s known as a friendly color that can be applied in various interior designs, no matter home, office, or restaurant. A coastal living room or bedroom, especially the open space where natural light and wind pour in, always has some green on it. It might come in the shape of plants, wallpaper, or rugs. When green pairs with other colors, it brings an interesting look, such as hunter green and grey for a modern contemporary space and light green and light red for a vintage dining room.

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