The Most Popular Interior Design Styles For House

The Most Popular Interior Design Styles For House

The Most Popular Interior Design Styles for House

Many people love being home more and more in WFH (Work from home) period. Apart from saving time from traveling, you also get extra time to spend your day with family and fluffy pets. A lot of people got their new hobby and become air fryer youtube chefs overnight! Speaking of trending hobbies in 2021, Interior design and house decoration are definitely included in the list. If you need to live 24/7 at home, I believe that you want to be surrounded by a lively atmosphere and pleasant scenery as in the sample room at IKEA right?

If you would like to start decorating your house, now is a good chance! Sometimes you found a nice interior photo from Pinterest but have no idea what to call. For that reason, today we are coming up with “The Most Popular Interior Design Styles For House”

Modern interior design

The most favorite interior style from the 20th century to the present. From traditional material and textures changing to clean and modish furniture throughout time. Modern interior design and its modernistic comes up with, “Form follows function”, the new concept with function-oriented and less detailed furniture.

Modern Interior Design
Our Interior Design Project : The Residence At Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay

A fundamental element of Modern interior style

• Clean and straight-line both vertical and horizontal
• A neutral color such as grey, cream, beige, bold with the outstanding natural color
• Open floor plan by the use of space
• Lack of clutter. mostly apply with built-in shelf and hidden storage
• Modish material such as metal, stainless, glass, and shiny things

Minimalist interior design

If talking about a minimal home, most of you might think of a plain white room with simple and flat design furniture like an aesthetical art gallery. Actually, it means much more, the heart of minimalist is “Form follows function”. The reason why it is clean and spacious is that all of the furniture is well chosen to be the most functional as it could. By its interior design principle, “Simple is the best”

Minimalist Interior Design
Our Interior Design Project : The Ease Sierra

A fundamental element of Minimalist interior style

• Standout with geometric furniture
• Mostly use only 2 plain colors
• Open floor plan by the use of space
• Save space by using 2-in-1 functions furniture such as a bed with hidden storage
• Objects are hidden inside to show a clean and clear atmosphere

Modern luxury interior design

Speaking of classy, the first thing that comes up to your mind might be the noblewoman in a hi-end dress with shiny accessories covering her shoulders with cashmere fur. When it comes to a luxurious interior design and decoration, the signature furniture would be white marble, genuine leather, velvet fabric, faux fur rug, glass, and shiny metal. 

Modern Luxury Interior Design
Our Interior Design Project : The Esse Asoke Bangkok

A fundamental element of Modern luxury interior style

• Shiny metal furniture, wall, and even floor tile
• A dark shade color like burgundy and plum that well contrast with golden
• Elegant and eye-catching texture
• Premium material like marble, quartz, and granite

Vintage interior design

The word “Vintage” is well known as an old-fashioned style of house decoration, surrounded by old-style furniture with 40-50s vibes. This interior design can be pictured as a generous and friendly grandmom with a fashionable dress. Vintage style is the combination of various styles of objects like a creative collection museum.

Vintage Interior Design
Our Interior Design Project : Private Residence

A fundamental element of Vintage interior style

• Soft tone colors, like earth tone and pastel
• Clapboard, cornice, and stencil
• Natural material such as wood, cotton fabric, flower, and leaves
• Stylish decoration of some chic tablecloth is a tip

American interior design

The familiar style that is usually seen in American films, when characters spending their time in, Kitchen-dining-living space, the kitchen counter that connects with the living room. The highlight is the smart zoning which focusing on a simple design with less detail. American interior design style mostly uses woods with various colors, especially, redwood.

American Interior Design
Our Interior Design Project : Land & Houses Bangkok

A fundamental element of American interior style

• Smart zoning. The smart way for people to spend time together in one room
• Brick and hardwood decoration like a cottage
• Combination of modern and antique furniture style
• Redwood for dark shade and light shade comes from natural light reflected on the wall accessories
• Mix and match earth tones such as green-brown and beige-dark brown

Classic interior design

Inspired from the Classic period that is influenced by western art like Greek and Roman. The unique point is gorgeousness, elegance, enormity, with delicate antique furniture. The luxurious style represents the sense of the late European palace. You could say that the Louis sofa and chandelier are the signatures of this interior design.

Classic Interior Design
Our Interior Design Project : Royal Family Residence, Brunei Darussalam

A fundamental element of Classic interior style

• Louis sofa, the highlight of living room
• Shiny chandelier
• Delicate design with a stunning stencil
• Enormous doors and windows with extra long curtain
• Table made of premium wood

Our Interior Design Project : Private Residence

How was it? Got any interesting new ideas? The key point of interior design is mood and tone, material, furniture, lighting, and layout. The decoration is always the main thing that represents each style. Furthermore, the interior style can reflect yourself as well.

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