Professional Interior Designer VS Decorator
Differences between Interior Designer VS Decorator

Professional Interior Designer VS Decorator

Differences between Interior Designer VS Decorator
Our Project : Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit 65 (by MQDC)

The Differences between Professional Interior Designer VS Decorator

One day, you stay at your house looking around the living room and thinking why it’s so boring? You start imagining how to decorate it to be more interesting or even plan to start a renovation project. Unfortunately, after scrolling and skimming through thousand of decoration ideas on Pinterest, you may become too lazy, don’t have enough time to do that, especially just realize that you literally don’t have any sense of interior design!

‘Can I just ask my cousin’s daughter who likes home decoration stuff for a little help?’
‘or some freelance decorators I found on google?’
‘but I heard the interior designer can do this for me too. So who should I hire?”

We believe there is the day that you are asking yourself about this. But please wait a minute and take time to understand this. There is a difference between Professional Interior Designer and Decorator. 

Let us help clarify what is the differences between Professional Interior Designer and Decorator.

Professional Interior Designer

Our Project : Aestiq Thonglor (By Real Asset Development)


• Schooling and formal training are required for every interior designers
• A degree in interior design or interior architecture from an accredited 2-year or 4-year college or university program
• Internship experience under a licensed professional. Most of them apprentice with established and professional interior designers or joining a design firm to gain experiences in the real design industry


• Profession with creative and technical solutions within a functional and beneficial structure that delivers client the quality of life
• Knowledge of art history and architecture to truly understand the design philosophy
• Technical skills in design technology like Computer-aided Design (CAD) 
• Drawing, sketching, space planning, modeling, drafting, and furniture design
• Many interior designers have interior decorating skills for decoration services
• The study of color and fabric
• Building codes and regulatory requirements
• Strong problem-solving skills


• Most important thing for a professional interior designer is to understand people’s behavior to satisfy their needs
• Main job is to create functional space in the building
• Follow a systematic and methodology of interior design
• Research and analyze client’s needs and transform this knowledge into the creative process
• Plan interior design layout to make them physically and aesthetically functional
• Use technology to create virtual plans before beginning work with construction teams
• Furnishing and room decoration

Call Interior Designer if you need…

• Structural changes including removing a wall or electrical wiring
• Building or renovating your new house with a creative design
• Need functional, safe, with beautiful design
• Functional and aesthetical room decoration
• Large design project
• Structural work is complete before they come on board


Our Project : Land & Houses Bangkok


• No schooling and formal training are required for Decorators
• There are also certified decoration courses but mostly focus more on aesthetics than a functional structural design
• Decorators don’t really participate in renovations or structural planning
• Since a certificate thing is not required, a portfolio of past works is important
• It is better to hire somebody you trust to do decorations


• Decorators are experienced with paint, fabrics, furniture, and accessories
• Not qualified about building structure and electrical changes which is important for interior design projects
• Not trained or specialized in sketching, modeling, and design technology like Computer-aided Design (CAD) which every interior designers must know


• The goal of decorators is to achieve the decoration look you want
• Furnishing and Accessorizing a space with fashionable and beautiful things
• Selection of beautiful furnitures and creative home decor
• Choose the right items to give your places the style and personality
• Specialized in color palette and color scheme selection
• Decorators support clients to purchase good quality material and furniture at affordable prices

Call Decorator if you need…

• Art & decoration services
• Need visual updates such as furnishing, painting, and flooring
• Design support for lighting, fabrics, fixtures, accessories, and branding

Our Project : Private Residence

As you can see, Interior Designer and Decorator share a lot of things in common. It’s not surprising why many people get confused about what they do. To be clear, the huge difference between them is that Interior Designer can do decoration, but Decorators don’t design. Most importantly, before hiring someone, you have to list out your objective and what you really need to do on this project.

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