TC Development’s One 9 Five Asoke – Rama 9: The Urban Midtown Oasis

TC Development’s One 9 Five Asoke – Rama 9: The Urban Midtown Oasis

The Urban Midtown Oasis

One 9 Five Asoke – Rama 9 by TC Development

Embrace the city’s urban buzz, but retreat to your own haven of peace and serenity. One 9 Five Asoke – Rama 9 is a luxurious condominium from TC Development that captures both modern livability and natural tranquility in its design concept: The Urban Midtown Oasis.

As one of the designers, Leo Design Group has been honored with crafting this awe-inspiring project; crafting an oasis experience in the heart of Bangkok.

With the concept of Fulfillment & Spaciousness, every luxury detail carefully considered and layered into its design at all interior facilities, you can anticipate being fulfilled beyond expectation with breathtaking spaces that take you away from reality.

‘ Fulfillment ‘

Breathing Life into the Heart of the City

This high-end condominium project is an invitation to experience a new theory of luxury living. Offering its patrons the highest refinement in art and decoration, this property caters to those seeking lavish lifestyles with sophistication and class befitting their discerning needs.

It’s a one-of-a-kind venture that sets standards for classiness unparalleled in modern interior design. We breathe life into the heart of the city in an artistic way.

For city dwellers, it can be hard to find a connection with nature. But this property seeks to bring the outdoors in and evoke natural beauty right into your home. With every element crafted thoughtfully and intricately, you’ll feel connected to what matters most at this exquisite urban oasis – A refreshing pocket of authentic greenery set against an opulent interior backdrop.

With a stunning panoramic window at the welcome lounge, we let nature speak its art, let the sunlight be your artistry in our space. Natural light dances across the timeless marble flooring and creates an inviting atmosphere with warm hues that soothe your soul in an elegant fashion.

The clever design lets you encompass your lives in beauty with a luxurious 360° view of the city. As you step through your front door after a long meeting, this place lets you escape to a private oasis right in the heart of the city – one where iconic art pieces and beautiful scenery collide as if you were inside an art gallery.

With abstract rugs inspired by ocean colors complementing accents of brass & gold throughout the lounge. We’ve built this hidden retreat without sacrificing any luxury or modern convenience; relaxing amongst nature has never looked better.

Our vision was to create a luxurious sanctuary within an urban setting: the perfect combination of natural beauty and city sophistication.

‘ Spaciousness ‘

Brushing against the Sky by the Extravagant Space

The unparalleled space provides a transformative effect to the sights before your eyes – it transforms the way we think about spaciousness and brings an entirely new aesthetic to create something truly stunning. The extravagance of One 9 Five Asoke – Rama 9 is sure to make an exceptional impression.

As you step into the grand welcome lounge, a stunning double-height ceiling towers above. Its soaring heights make one feel as though they are brushing against the sky itself. Outside of its luxurious windows lies an idyllic landscape with a look of rolling hills and a 100 meter outdoor swimming pool that makes you feel like a 5 star mountaintop resort come alive. 

The VIP Lounge has also been upgraded to bring opulence and luxury – with grand and generous proportions – perfect for an elegant stroll. Other than an unlimited walk to relax your mind, a seemingly inexhaustible space has been made into a magnificent haven that will leave you in awe.

Our focus on leisure areas; library and co-working space, create an inviting space to relax in a grand setting. Boasting opulent tall bookshelves extend from floor to ceiling for an air of spaciousness; makes the rooms appear grand in scale.

Specially designed sofas provide private havens for you to nestle with a good book or take up roomy stretches of luxury seating – perfecting relaxation at its finest.

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