Hilton Huizhou Longmen Resort: A Time Tunnel To The Past

Hilton Huizhou Longmen Resort: A Time Tunnel To The Past

A Time Tunnel To The Past

Hilton Huizhou Longmen Resort

Step back in time with the exquisite aesthetics of Hilton Huizhou Longmen Resort in China, thoughtfully curated by our expert designers. Experience a journey through heritage as you immerse yourself in the delicately crafted design elements of this stunning resort.

This resort project features a unique blend of rustic raw materials, sourced from the local forest and water features. We’ve sourced famous antique brick from local mansions, wood and bamboo from nearby mountains, beautiful paintings by local artist farmers, and signature Longmen artifacts.

All these elements work together to evoke memories of Hakka culture and create a brand new contemporary environment that you won’t find anywhere else. Let the guests come discover the beauty and authenticity of Hakka culture in this space.

Exploring the Stories of the Past Through

“Heritage Brick”

Transport yourself back in time with locally sourced brick walls and columns, collected from a historic mansion. These bricks hold the stories of the past with their intricate handwriting and scrawls, bringing a touch of wonder and nostalgia to this special place. Let you step into a time tunnel of aesthetic beauty with every glance.

Reimagining Design with Nature Inspired

“Bamboo Artistry”

Bamboo lights offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and nature, bringing a touch of elegance to this resort. With their graceful sway in the breeze, these stunning pieces are sure to impress your guests and enhance the interior.

We’re committed to sourcing only the finest materials and working with experienced local craftsmen. Inspired by the natural beauty of mountain landscapes, we’ve studied the growth morphology of bamboo to create truly unique and stunning places.

“Local Painting”

Brings Hakka Culture to Life

Discover the authentic essence of Hakka culture as local farmer artists bring the Longmen elements to life through stunning paintings. Working closely with our experienced interior designer, the initial concept is a feast for the eyes and a true celebration of aesthetics.

Since incorporating cultural details into design is a way to honor history and protect it for future generations, we always think of decoding ecological civilization as a key to revitalizing and innovating the world of cultural aesthetics.

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