Nikko Hotels’ Hotel Nikko Bangkok: The Art of Expressing Cultural Identity

Nikko Hotels’ Hotel Nikko Bangkok: The Art of Expressing Cultural Identity

The Art of Expressing The Cultural Identity

A Hidden Work of Art in its Truest Form

Tranquility, simplicity, and acknowledgement are always the inspiration for any design. As well as the timeless beauty, serenity, and traditional identity. If you want to experience a hidden work of art derived from culture, you can find it in every single part of our hotel design project, Hotel Nikko Bangkok.

The interesting point is how Japanese aesthetics mixes with Thai beauty and are expressed in every detail of interior design and decoration. Modesty and honor from Japan, liveliness and warmth from Thailand.

At the welcome area, an attractive wall art featuring Japanese floral patterns blended with Thai-style stencils resulting in the perfect combination to appreciate the beauty of two cultures. The simple artwork brings a touch of minimalist while rose gold color reflects the finest look and feel.

Unleashing Natural Creativity

The Aesthetics of Nature and Its Role in Art

As for the value of expressing beauty in art, the principle of aesthetics is always related to the natural light and shadow, a chance to appreciate the aesthetics of nature. That’s why at the Hishou restaurant, we let the bamboo ceiling ornaments be the main visual foreground of the dining scene.

Since we want to spread the identity of Japanese in the modern world, we choose the traditional elements but modernize them to look more trendy. Wooden wall and cotton upholsteries blended well with the contemporary sculptures, glossy fixture, and asymmetrical curved sofa

Japanese people have always been inspired by the design concept from the surrounding elements, we inherit that valuable concept and play it in our way, adding an abstract rug with a bold contemporary palette of complimentary colors based on blue of flowing river and yellow of the sparkling sunlight.

If you turn on the lights at the top of the bed, the hidden beauty magically appears. Under the warm dim light, we portray the heart of the concept through a Thai-style pattern on the wooden wall above the bedhead. 

Representing the Japanese admirable personality, who are always delicate with every single inch of detail and how the guests can be the one who discover the unseen aesthetics.

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