Singha Estate’s Santiburi the Residences: Urban in Nature

Singha Estate’s Santiburi the Residences: Urban in Nature

Urban in Nature

Transitional Design Concept

Nowadays, luxury is not only the classy image. Another level of luxury is represented in every detail of your life. As well as the concept “Connoisseur of Pleasant Living” of Santiburi the Residences by Singha Estate.

Leo Design Group had a chance to design the exclusive clubhouse and propose for all areas.

Santiburi the Residences, the high-end luxury modern-tropical residences with only 25 selected families, surrounded by Ton Yang Nah, resin trees that are suitable for local climate and symbolize abundance, value, and endurance.

As an escape from crowded city life, we believe natural surroundings with greenery are the great choice to let you feel peacefulness and serenity. Even in this urban environment, it will be the special place that gives you the exclusive comfort.

Therefore, the classic aesthetics of traditional Thai style and the timeless beauty of modern contemporary style are combined together as Transitional design concept, where you appreciate both modern and traditional elements.

Connoisseur of Pleasant Living

Refinement of Material

Homeowners, as the connoisseur who enjoy and appreciate every single detail and quality of lifestyle. The reason why we are detail-oriented and let refinement be the most important in this project. Each material is meticulously selected from every part of the world to bring the best of the best, especially the natural elements blending in every part of the house.

Since it’s meant to be worthwhile both emotionally and functionally, the selection of material focuses on beauty and durability.

Teak wood, the king of the wood, is chosen to be the flooring and ceiling to represent warm and coziness. It also resembles the classic ambiance of traditional Thai houses of the bygone era.

While compressed marble tiles are used as the flooring of the living room and common area for a natural and warm look with a touch of classy. It combines an elegant smooth feel of marble with richer marble patterns, resulting in the whole new level of natural beauty.

As well as the wooden trellis that brings the sense of natural simplicity.

Truly Crafted Life

Exclusive Function Based On Preference

With the concept of truly crafted life, every part of the interior design is function-based on the owner’s preference.

We think of the owners as rich and formal people who welcome guests to their home all the time. The gentleman’s room with the collection of items from around the world, where they can spend time on business talk with a finest glass of wine in their hands.

A delicate walk-in closet with specially organized storage for hundred of outfits to serve the owners that pay attention in the formal dressing style.

As we dedicate our design to every detail, the social part is important, so is the family time. While another place focuses on the impressive image, the family living area has a different atmosphere. It is designed to be more fun and warm as a home that is surrounded by greenery just to feel relaxed on holiday together.

For the clubhouse, it is designed as the concept of simplicity blended with nature, with the features that serves both indoor, outdoor, and semi-outdoor activities.

There is a guest lobby & resident lounge where the owners  spend time with their neighbors or welcome their important guests. Whether it’s business talk or others, the first impression is essential.

The image of the clubhouse is designed to be semi-traditional with a bit of extravagance from the marble wall art, as same as the formal area in the residences.

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