Origin Property’s Staybridge Thonglor: Trendy x Homey Long Stay Hotel for Business Travelers

Origin Property’s Staybridge Thonglor: Trendy x Homey Long Stay Hotel for Business Travelers

A Long Stay Hotel that business travelers will never get bored of

Perfect Combination of Trendy x Homey

As the slogan  “Welcome home”, Staybridge Thonglor from Origin Property welcomes the long stay guests with the homey atmosphere, where you can enjoy your stay as long as you wish.

With the stylish ideas of Leo Design Group, we choose the fun and trendy elements like iconic drop pendant light, artsy art piece, vivid abstract rug, and anything unique to make this place interesting.

For the color palette, the two complementary colors are here to create a lively ambiance. Yellow represents energy, optimism, and enthusiasm, while blue means calmness, peacefulness, and relaxation.

Since most guests are probably business travelers, creating a warm and enthusiastic co-working space helps them have productivity at work and feel relaxed when taking a rest.

When a long stay also means the guest staying at the same place for a long time, in order not to make it boring, we add a lot of gimmicks to the lobby lounge. Such as the outstanding geometric chandeliers that match well with modern abstract area rugs, along with the enormous shelves filled with those artistic items.

But we don’t make it look like an extravagant welcome lounge, but make it feel like a cozy living room where you can have a seat and spend time freely like every time you come back home.

Since Thonglor is the place where most Japanese people and businessmen stay, the inspiration of the main design concept comes from minimal Japanese interior style. Clean line furnitures, light ash wood floors and doors, neutral color items, but still don’t forget to add a drop of luxury by using those marble tabletops, delicate wall detailing, and a hint of gold from lighting fixtures.

We also think of a long stay guest with a long stay belongings by providing a lot of blank cabinets for the guests to organize their essential stuff as much as they need.

Of course, the importance of a long stay hotel is the independent working corner and we properly think it through. As you can see the desk has a wider size, the storage drawer, and wall plug position. Everything is set up perfectly to be the most effective and practical for working.

Even with the layout, we separate the living area and working corner away. Even though they mainly focus on work during this stay, work-life balance is still important.

The color of the private room for meetings also has an energetic atmosphere but still looks classy and sophisticated by those modern interior elements.

When the whole hotel has a Japanese minimal-modern vibe, we bring some Thai elements there in the form of stylish restaurants.

With the upholsteries of traditional pattern and the elegant stencil in wall decoration, it beautifully fulfills this city hotel with various cultural aesthetics.

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