Mövenpick Asara Resort: Design Inspiration from Local Travel

Mövenpick Asara Resort: Design Inspiration from Local Travel

Traditional-style Hotel & Resort

The Natural Hideaway from Local Travel Trends

After the long years of being locked up in the city, doing the same thing everyday, people start to seek for something new and special. A place that looks natural and authentic. Some of them try to escape from mainstream tourism and go on a trip to the private hideaway.

That’s why “Local Travel” is still trending. Of course, it has always been popular among international tourists. But since the pandemic, domestic tourists, especially those who live in urban cities, also need this. They take it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience something exceptionally memorable.

With that reason, hotels & resorts with a traditional homestay look become extremely popular right now. Since it expresses the aesthetics of local culture and historical lifestyle through the design elements and atmosphere that experiential travelers are looking for.

Tourists focus more on meaningful experiences. Even high-end tourism also looks for luxury boutique hotels with a unique local touch and feel that they will never find in the heart of the city.

The first impression always happens when they enter the grand lobby, and the surrounding interior design magically lets them feel like an open door to another world that they never knew before. Yet, still offering them 5-star service and comfortable facilities. 

When designing a local-style hotel, first, we find what is the identity, the unique character, and the landmark of this place. Then, express those aesthetics through every detail of the design element.

Natural and artisanal materials are a key feature of Thai-style. That’s why this place, Mövenpick Asara Resort & Spa Hua Hin, designed by Leo Design Group, mainly uses dark wood and earth-tone decorations. A modern tropical mixed with Thai contemporary vibes.

We give it a modern calm look combined with traditional embellishments. Derived the uniqueness of Thai culture into antique decorations like ancient fans, wood carving and wall ornaments, bamboo-shaped pendant chandeliers, and cushion and upholstery made of natural Thai silk with heirloom embroidery. Especially large windows and doors, the highlight characteristic of traditional Thai homes.

Leo Design Group, who has 50 years of experience in the Hospitality design industry with hotel design specialists, knows well about hotel & resort trends. We understand what hotel owners want and what hotel guests are seeking. Not only the local-style hotel, we can create any style you wish and develop them to another level in order to meet your expectations.

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