MQDC’s Mulberry Grove: Freedom Of Living After Covid

MQDC’s Mulberry Grove: Freedom Of Living After Covid

The Perfect Place for Every Generation

High-end luxury condo with Inter-generational concept

As Leo Design Group, luxury interior design firm trusted by many high-end homeowners, we are proud to express the attitude of design by spreading the valuable concept for society, which is reflected in our masterpiece for MQDC, “Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit”

For the concept of Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit, the outstanding feature is the intergenerational layout that is well designed for every generation, including kids and elderly.

Speaking of city condos, we always think of a fully divided room with an opaque partition or wall that sometimes makes the room look small. But for this place, our layout concept aims to let family spend time together. We combine every part of the room altogether and connect them with a transparent glass partition, so that it can look bigger and wider. Make it the place where everyone in the family is able to see each other everyday like staying at home.

As well as this area, it’s a closed kitchen, preventing the room from smell and smoke, but still lets us feel airy with a well ventilated transparent glass partition.

Even the material selection, we use anti-slip Porcelain tiles with matte finish for the main reason, to look premium and practical at the same time. It’s not slippery even with the oil and water. The safer choice for kids who are likely to run and play around the house the most. Since the main design concept of Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit is to take care of every detail in order to be the most comfortable places for families.

Caring for families with an elderly, we even pay attention to a little detail like the kitchen wood drawer that is intentionally designed to be horizontal, so that the users don’t have to bend the wrist, which is one of the causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in middle age and older people.

We also refrain from split-level floors and keep the space particularly wide for the usage of wheelchairs.

Other than that, Super Luxury concept also reflects an ultra comfortable experience of owners, like everything is designed especially for them. Such as an enormous walk-in closet for the luggage, golf bag, or safe box.

And a motion sensor that will automatically turn on and off when using it at night.

Freedom of Living

Clever design for the lifestyle after covid

As the pandemic situation causes most people to stay WFH for years, the discomfort becomes the following problem. From the person who can go anywhere freely, into the prisoner locked up in their own room. Even though the situation is back to normal, most of them are still looking for a home or condo that gives them freedom. Since the world is in the stage of home being one of the working life.

Leo Design Group, as the experienced designer, also thinks of it as the important key element. That’s why we want the owner to be surrounded by glass, the No.1 helpful element that adds an airy feel, makes the room look wider, and also lets natural light pour in, covering the room with a gentle atmosphere.

Aside from that, we pick the perfect panoramic window, a chance to enjoy the incredible skyscraper view in the heart of Asoke. We believe beautiful scenery is one of the healing environments in every morning of the working day.

We even think of popular hobbies of city condo residents as we create a multi-purpose space with floor drain especially for plant lovers. Watering plants every day making them feel relaxed, as well as green decoration, which is the therapeutic element that always brings you at ease.

An intelligent fresh air system that is good about ventilation and brings fresh air to the room. It well helps reduce virus accumulation, which is so important in the era that our health really depends on the air around us.

Even a little detail like sliding door rail, designed to be the shape that is smooth enough not to feel hurt when stepping on, and also to be less dusty. Since the dust is the reason for bacteria and moisture that causes allergies leading us to get sick.

We also use anti-fingerprint laminate as the face of the cabinet, so that it makes the room look clean without any visible dirty stains.

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