Which furniture upholstery matches your interior design the most?

Which furniture upholstery matches your interior design the most?

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After skimming through articles about upholstery, we know that it’s important to concern about practical needs before choosing it for your furniture. Durability is essential, but the visual identity is more essential for some of you. So today we will mainly talk about the visual identity of upholstery that can transform the whole interior design of your space.

Many people let the furniture remains in raw material like wood, metal, or jute. While some love to cover them with various upholsteries. It’s known as the soft covering for a sofa, chair, headboard, and some furniture. Sometimes, the mood and tone of the whole room are changed by applying the different styles of fabric and material. Stylish upholstery instantly embellishes the room and becomes the first and lasting impression for visitors.

Before moving forward to the quality and durability, let’s find out which upholstery is your favorite. See how each appearance blends well with your current interior design and upgrade the space to the next level!

1. Velvet Upholstered Furniture

Source : Minimology

Speaking of velvet, you might think of it as a feminine fabric that represents the luxurious accent. It’s always the very first choice among upholsteries to be chosen when you need something to glam up the room. The breathtaking beauty can be found in any color, especially the rich color like red, green, blue, pink, and so on. Velvet upholstered furniture is popular in modern luxury and art decor interior design. The shiny fabric beautifully upscales the whole space.

2. Linen Upholstered Furniture

Source : Leanne Ford

A plant-based natural fiber that delivers a natural mood and tone through the stubby texture, its beautiful unique appearance. Linen is the most durable and strongest fabric with soft and smooth touch. You normally find it in a natural and earthy tone that is pleasant to look at. Interior design, which includes a theme of organic nature like crafted or artisanal elements such as oriental, wabi-sabi, and minimalist interior, love to have linen as the main upholstery of furniture.

3. Leather Upholstered Furniture

Source : Yezhi

Can something look soft and comfy but still durable? Leather upholstery can answer that. Furthermore, with its expensive feel, leather is the great choice to use as the sofa seat, accent chair, or any furniture in modern luxury interior design, making the living room or workspace look classic and classy. However, the rusty leather provides the timeless grunge look for industrial style, and some artistic furniture design is a creative choice for futuristic space as well.

4. Jute Upholstered Furniture

Source : Zoco Home

An eco-friendly choice for an eco-friendly space. Jute has an authentic and artisanal appearance. Since it’s originally from nature, there are various different designs, making each of jute upholstered furniture unique, which are the perfect textural elements for a natural theme interior design with neutral decors like Mediterranean and country chic, and artisanal upholstery like jute, sisal, rattan, wicker, are normally found in Japanese-inspired Wabi-sabi interior design as well.

5. Silk Upholstered Furniture

Source : Chains Interior

If your room needs elegance, pick the silk upholstered furniture to fulfill it. Silk is an expensive upholstery with an expensive look. It’s a luxurious fabric that delivers a classy touch to any kind of interior design. Silk has a simple beauty that expresses through the glossy texture. Imagine having a silk sofa, brass and gold elements, along with a contemporary hand-tufted rug in the master living room. It’s gonna be the gorgeous scene that captures every visitor’s eye for sure.

6. Cotton Upholstered Furniture

Source : Billy Cotton

The most classic upholstery of all time. Cotton is the fabric for everyone and every place. Even it’s the cheapest, it still gives you great comfort and stability. Moreover, since it can be dyed easily, you can get any favorite color you like, if you choose cotton for your furniture’s upholsteries. Cotton is a versatile choice. It can be blended into any style of interior design, depending on color and pattern. If the concept is less is more or simple is the best, we recommend cotton to your choice.

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