Change your life with Wabi-sabi Interior Design

Change your life with Wabi-sabi Interior Design

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Get to know Wabi-sabi interior design

Wabi-sabi is a simple Japanese word that teaches us about the world. It interprets that nothing is perfect and nothing lasts forever. Encourage us to find beauty in imperfection and emphasize authenticity. A green tree is delightful even it is not all green. An artwork is wonderful with its asymmetrical painting. Even you’re beautiful with your morning messy hair.

When you buy a wooden chair, find out one visible crack in the texture, and still love the way it is, that’s the time when you appreciate the meaning of wabi-sabi interior design.

Wabi-sabi is applied in the interior design world. A crack on furnitures is not the failure spot anymore. It is turning into the part of identity and creativity in home decor. Many people love to see things remaining in the way they are without fixing and replacing them. They think of the faults and damage as a rustic simplicity that adds a touch of elegance in its own unique way.

6 Principles of Wabi-sabi interior design

1. Homemade and Artisanal

Source : Home Concept Studio

If you love shopping in second-hand markets, I think you’re on the right track. You can see homemade wicker chairs, rusty wooden tables, handcrafted pottery everywhere in wabi-sabi interior design. Besides bringing a natural tone and texture to your home, it also delivers a nostalgic feeling. If you’re seeking a way to try out some wabi-sabi home decor, a hand-knotted Persian rug is perfect for adding an artisanal accent to the living room. If any concerns, handmade items do not make your house look old. Worn-out furnitures represents the quality objects that embrace a sense of history. If you mix and match the right combination and balance the look and feel well, you can get stunning artisanal modernism for sure.

2. Clutter-free

Source : Dwell Interior Design

A minimalist lover thumbs up for this. Many interior designs require tidy space with no clutter to finish the look, the wabi-sabi home decor as well. But unlike the minimal style, we are not completely making it perfectly neat since imperfections are our friend. We can allow shelves to open freely, let them breathe with relaxed accessories decorated without trying. Just stick to the clutter-free plan and try not to make it too messy. Keep only the essentials you need, the ones that always spark joy.

3. Mismatched furnitures

Source : Asmarr Kamel

Most people might believe that luxury sheepskin rugs cannot go along well with a vintage wicker chair, some of them think that modern furnitures should stay in the modern home and everything must be pair with the same style to look right. But in wabi-sabi interior design, we’re not concerned about what is right or wrong, it’s the home decor that encourages you to freely decorate your home with any favorite thing you love.

4. Muted color palette

Source : Shanty Wijaya, Allprace Homes

For home decor, color affects a lot to our feelings. One color can change the vibes and the whole house. Wabi-sabi interior design always comes along with muted color palette. A highly saturated hue with a soft and calm look like white, cream, grey, and green which resembles the natural materials. It creates a serene ambiance that lets you feel relaxed every time you get back home.

5. Asymmetrical beauty


Sometimes everything doesn’t need to be symmetric to be called ‘perfect’. When you prefer a home decor with a picture frame but it can’t be in the center of the wall, add some hanging flowers and accessories. When you don’t know how to create the perfect layout for your decoration items, just leave it there naturally the way you like. In wabi-sabi interior design, anything can be stylish somehow. Since its core characteristic is to express authenticity, let’s throw the standard manual away and feel free to be yourself.

6. Bring outside to inside

Source : Nest Casa

Biophilic design is originally the architecture principle to connect closely to nature through natural lighting, ventilation, and any other elements to create a healthy built environment for your home. Adapting it to our wabi-sabi interior design, let’s say it’s the way to bring outside to inside. Welcome the plants to your room and add a cool tone of greenery to your warm color scheme. Let the sunlight pouring in through those sheer curtains. Only one pot of small trees in home decor can create a special space that is pleasant and inviting.

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