Let’s upgrade Interior Design with Decorative Mirror

Let’s upgrade Interior Design with Decorative Mirror

Source : Britto Charette

Every functional thing can be more emotional than you thought. If you look at it as furniture, you will see only yourself in the mirror. But if you look at it as a decorative piece, you will see the special opportunity to add some more elegance to interior design.

As well as other furnishing items, the mirror has a million shapes to enjoy decorating. Besides the design, there are a lot of elements to customize, such as design, frame, size, position, and every detail that will characterize your space. Sometimes, the mirror is the focal point of your room once you step in. While in someplace, the mirror is the sheeny ambiance that adds glamour and interest to the normal room.

In the interior design world, we don’t just place a square mirror above the vanity or cabinet. We’re thinking about how to make the best use of that simple design mirror. How to use it to embellish the plain room? Here is a trick. See how one mirror can change the whole interior design!

1. Alcove mirror

Source : Hommes Studio

Alcove mirror has always been the very first choice to pick to create the ornamental accent. It’s the mirror in the recessed section of the wall, usually found in pairs. Imagine having a double alcove mirror in your living room or dining room. The large mirror will reflect everything from the artificial light of the crystal chandelier to the vivid color of crafted pottery on your display shelf.

When the shiny light and various colors blend together, you will see the most attractive embellishment ever. Alcove mirror plays the role of eye-catching in any interior design, especially modern luxury and contemporary style.

2. Mirrored wall panels

Source : Hommes Studio

Mirrored wall panels mostly appear in wall-to-wall size. Some owners prefer the full mirror that creates the illusion, making the room look bigger and brighter. While some love creativity and add paneling in any shapes like square, diamond, abstract geometry, or even a hexagon that looks like the grandest honeycomb ever.

Mirrored wall panels become the part of decorative wall design that is fun to play. There is a lot of design that resembles cultural elements such as the silver Venetian frame, antique French brass and gold frame, and the ogee shape of Moroccan’s Marrakesh pattern. With the versatility of design, it can apply to any style of interior design.

3. Gallery wall with mirror

Source : Real Homes

Normally, the things that are hung on the wall would be some of your photo frame, favorite artworks, or some decorative wallpaper. If your wall has a simple painted finish that seems to be missing something, why don’t you try a gallery wall with mirrors?

The gilt-edged mirror is very popular here, especially in vintage, American, art deco, and antique interior design. As the frame is made of a thin layer of gold leaf, sometimes it gives you a classic and old-school look. Anyway, a contemporary round mirror with a metal frame matches the modern interior as well.

4. Window mirror

Large full-length window mirrors are mostly found in Victorian architecture like churches and festive halls. If you always fond of the traditional vibe, try the arched window frame to get the ornamental entryway with decorative reflected light every time guests open the door. You can even place the grand Victorian window mirror with an antique bronze frame on the floor or hang the white wooden frame which blends well with a shabby chic interior design.

Even the look and feel of the window mirror seems to be ancient beauty, you’re still able to get it modernized by changing the mirror frame material and shape. Try the basic flat lines like square, round, or hexagon with less detail of the outline.

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