5 Interior Design Trends from Foreign Country Around The World

5 Interior Design Trends from Foreign Country Around The World

Do you know that your favorite style of interior design may be inspired by the cultural aesthetics of some countries?

Of course, every element in interior design has its own history. The wooden wall partition from Japanese antique screen panel, the arched doorway and window from European mid-century architecture, and especially the original Persian pattern from Morocco that can be seen on rugs, upholsteries, and wall arts.

If you’re seeking inspiration to add a special gimmick to your special place, here are some ideas about interior design elements from various cultures around the world.

1. Asia’s Oriental interior design

Source : Condo Apartment, Singapore

Mood & Tone

Asia-inspired, as known as Oriental interior design, always brings you calm and serenity. Even you stay in the heart of the city surrounded by a fast-paced environment, after step into the house, you can feel safe and peaceful.

Must-have Elements

Speaking of peace, I guess we are thinking of some natural materials like wood, rattan, and artisanal pieces. Oriental interior design mostly consists of furniture with an authentic feeling to create an organic appearance. It’s easy to find a delicate hand-painted detail in any Chinese-inspired home. While Japanese interiors will decorate with more clean-lined furniture to keep it minimal as a simple style with no clutter. But both of them still put a traditional element to complete the unique look. Such as tatami mat, bamboo blind, or animal motifs.

Unlike Indian home decor, the only one that plays with vivid color, heavy wooden furniture, and ornamental decoration. You can see the flower block print or any other pattern everywhere such as walls, rugs, or upholsteries. It looks religiously beautiful and becomes the focal point of your eyes.

2. European’s Mediterranean interior design

Source : Homiku

Mood & Tone

Inspiration from the country surrounded by Mediterranean sea like Greece, Italy, and Spain. Staying in the house with a Mediterranean interior design looks like staying in a beachfront villa in the coastal resort in Santorini. You can feel at ease with the natural seaside look here.

Must-have Elements

Indoor-outdoor living is the core concept of the Mediterranean interior. It’s designed to connect you with nature. To create a breezy open space, you need natural light and a panoramic view of the scenery. Let the arched window transparent as much as you can. Balcony, patio, or terrace plays the main role in this style.

For decorations, stick with raw materials and natural elements. Unfinished stone wall finish provides a rustic texture. There are millions of ideas to add charm to the floor. From basic hardwood, marble or granite, terracotta, or tile flooring. Any of them can perfectly match with the original jute rugs. Also, keep the color scheme earthy. Every imperfection in Mediterranean interior design will become an artistic texture and turns everything into effortless beauty.

3. African’s Moroccan interior design

Source : Home Designing

Mood & Tone

Speaking of Moroccan interior design, we’re sure you might think of a mosaic pattern with a colorful palette. Moroccan style represents the combination of Northwest like France or Spain and Southeast like Persian or African. It can be seen as an ornamental luxury and neutral beauty in the same style.

Must-have Elements

The dramatic detail of wall painting and busy pattern of upholstery is a unique point that makes Moroccan Moroccan, as well as the terracotta and ceramic floor tiles, velvet and silk, animal print, woven fabric, and the pendant lighting that brings the ornate vibes. Since the Southeast resembles the hot climate, ocean, and desert, the vibrant colors are always chosen to create an outstanding look. However, a tropical plant is still recommended in Moroccan interior design in order to add greenery and complete the balance. Red for sunset, gold for desert, and blue and green for oceans and nature.

4. North American’s Country Chic interior design

Source : Architectural Digest

Mood & Tone

We always see this kind of lovely home in American movies. It’s a warm house with coziness and comfort. There are both modern country and traditional country in country chic interior design, depending on your taste. But both of them represent the same thing, which is simple country life.

Must-have Elements

Basic design elements are not boring if it belongs to country chic interior design. Since the concept is to create an atmosphere that homeowners can feel relax, everything is designed to be casual. Natural materials are the important part, along with second-hand accessories, decorative fabric, pastel and muted color palette, and rustic texture of flooring and wall design. One thing that we can’t forget, gingham texture, which is transformed into a lot of stuff like tablecloths or curtains. Everything is classic and friendly. Even mismatched furnitures has a chance to show off its charms.

5. South American’s Brazillian interior design

Source : Decoist

Mood & Tone

Many people always remember Brazilian as a symbol of lush and tropical rainforest. But in the interior design world, it only represents simple aesthetics. Everything is put together not for standing out and grabbing attention, but blending it smoothly to keep a low profile beauty. Brazilian interior design can be contemporary, minimalistic, rustic, and ornamental.

Must-have Elements

You can always find hardwood everywhere as the main part of Brazillian interior design, like solid dining table, accent chair, kitchen island, flooring, wall panel, and coffered ceiling. It’s the signature that brings a rustic charm to the space. Burnt cement and raw concrete are applied to complete the look. For the color scheme, a natural palette from soft to dark earth tone is always selected. Then, apply a loud print and texture on rugs or upholsteries to create the artsy focal point that will brighten up the place.

While in some places, they try on an unusual mix of shades like purple and yellow, green and orange, and any other mismatched colors, to create a colorful gimmick that is inspired by the Brazillian textile. The important thing we can’t miss, the inside-outside concept that brings tropical greenery outdoor to glam up the whole interior design.

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