Shunde Marriott Hotel China: Finest Retreat for Business Travelers

Shunde Marriott Hotel China: Finest Retreat for Business Travelers

Finest Retreat for Business Travelers

Shunde Marriott Hotel China

Experience a culinary haven in Shunde City, lovingly dubbed as the “City of Gastronomy”. Immersed in the midst of a thriving commercial and business district, it’s not just another ordinary locale, it’s a foodie paradise that brings together a fusion of flavors designed to satisfy the discerning palates of travelers, be it businessmen or leisure-seekers. The ultimate journey that combines both style and innovation.

Indulge in a multi-sensory experience in the diverse guest room styles of Shunde Marriott Hotel China. Each room eloquently expresses different cultural identities within the modern contemporary framework. Discover a new world of design as you unwind in comfortable luxury.

Behold the presidential suite,  a spacious wonder that captures the eye with its glorious golden partition, perfectly matching the wall color. Get lost in the tranquility of the luxurious working space on one side, while appreciating the stunning marble-framed wall and brilliant crystal chandelier on the other. And let’s not forget the simply textured rugs that add a touch of refined elegance to the space. 

The serenity and spaciousness of an open layout, complemented by a stunning panoramic window, is an ideal for guests seeking a private retreat to focus on their creative endeavors, our airy atmosphere will inspire and delight your senses.

Infused with creativity and style, the living and dining zone boasts eye-catching abstract geometric rugs in warm neutral tones. These stunning accents elevate the area to new heights, while the Chinese-style dark brown coffee tables convey unique flair and sophistication.

Our design philosophy centers around showcasing our clients’ unique identity through artistry in furnishings and decor. While we don’t limit ourselves to traditional styles, we give classic pieces a fresh twist with contemporary flair. Expect nothing but a bespoke touch in our designs.

As the tallest five-star hotel in Shunde, we present guests with a divine bathroom retreat. Here, you can soak in luxury while admiring breathtaking views of Shunfeng Mountain Park or the city skyline. It’s a perfect fusion of relaxation and artistic inspiration.

Bask in the beauty of a panoramic view, illuminated by romantic lighting in the luxurious bathtub, and surrender to ultimate relaxation during your business or leisure getaway. Light marble accents amplify the room’s natural luminosity and imbue you with a sense of boundless freedom.

Step inside the Chairman suite and be mesmerized by the stunning Chinese-inspired artwork adorning the walls, along with artisanal sculptures. The clean-lined furniture elegantly complements these magnificent pieces, making them the show-stopping centerpiece of the room.

And just like our other rooms, we’ve utilized a minimalistic approach to the rug, enhancing the room’s neutral beauty. Indulge in a luxurious stay surrounded by unparalleled art and design.

Nestled at the gateway of Shunfeng Mountain Park lies a true gem. Our designer’s hands have woven magic into every crevice of this special space. The darkness of the wood used in this bathroom adds an intricate depth and elegance to only the most sophisticated crave.

A carefully placed metal sculpture offers a tantalizing glimpse of the future amidst a backdrop of classic wooden texture.

Behold the bold and daring contemporary centerpiece of the executive suite – a stunning and shocking pink sofa that exudes unparalleled style and sophistication. Bring life to the neutral and earthy aesthetic of the room with its outstanding presence.

Despite limited space, prioritizing an airy and open workspace is paramount, which is why it’s strategically placed to face the breathtaking scenery before you.

An exclusive bathroom, where the art of mirrors is expertly showcased with ambient lighting, beautifully reflecting off the seamless premium marble wall and floor. The result? A refined atmosphere you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Next stop, immerse yourself in a whimsical, artistic wonderland at Goji Kitchen & Bar’s private dining. Playful and eclectic decor blends contemporary and artisanal sculptures, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage while expressing the beauty of fine art. 

The charm of bygone eras with the vintage-style linen upholstered chairs and raw wooden tables, it’s a visual feast that will tantalize your senses and leave you feeling inspired.

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