CHAR Bangkok: Unforgettable Sky Dining Experiences

CHAR Bangkok: Unforgettable Sky Dining Experiences

Unforgettable Sky Dining Experiences

CHAR Bangkok at Hotel Indigo Bangkok

Experience the sizzling allure of CHAR Bangkok – a premium charcoal grill tucked away on the upper levels of the chic Hotel Indigo Bangkok. Meticulously crafted by Leo Design Group, this modern eatery delivers an unforgettable dining experience that combines expertly grilled fare with a sophisticated, artful ambiance.

You can find dining experiences like never before with the signature panoramic window, providing an unbeatable view. Stunning private corners offer the perfect atmosphere for meaningful moments shared with your loved ones. Savor every bite surrounded by sheer beauty – a rare masterpiece that money simply can’t buy.

Bask in the ethereal beauty of glass partitions with golden geometrical decorations, serving as a breathtaking backdrop that transforms into the stunning painter’s canvas under the celestial sky. No matter where you sit, you will feel surrounded by the unlimited clouds.

With its warm and inviting atmosphere from the golden ambiance of ceiling light, the stunning design lets you enjoy the golden hour like dining in a golden sunset where classic blue and gold décor combine with sparkling natural light for an unforgettable sky dining experience.

An elegant yet relaxed dining in an atmosphere that radiates warmth. A tasteful blend of cozy, warm woods and glamorous art deco brass details sets the stage. Meanwhile, rich indigo walls as a hotel identity, and adorned with a stunning fresco depicting vintage film legends, transports us back to the golden age of the classic era. It’s an unforgettable dining sensation that’s sure to leave you impressed.

The coffered ceiling steals the show with its classic, luxurious vibes, attracting all the attention. And check this out – without any decorative molding, we have added a modern twist to the classic coffering design, making it a true work of art with a contemporary take on inspirations.

The ceiling art in this space is just the beginning of its dramatic dimensionality. Inset ambient lighting cascades through clean, recessed rectangular coffers and illuminates the top of the seats. Blended with warm wood tones and mixed with brass decorations, the atmosphere sets a truly unique and unforgettable tone.

At the vibe-filled bar, where a striking indigo wall sets the mood for a classic evening. An artistic touch is evident in the golden wall partition that elegantly separates the space, creating an outstanding effect for this corner.

Geometric flooring adds an element of vibrance and energy to your space, while a classic and sophisticated touch is achieved with the addition of our exquisite wall trims.

There are other places to immerse yourself in the bustling cityscape from the remarkable 360-degree panoramic window, featured as one of our premier retreatment. A meeting room, where natural light cascades in to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It admires the captivating view while reflecting on the stunning texture of the wooden conference table – bringing out its remarkable beauty.

Indulge in the captivating charm of Art Deco and revel in the exhilarating energy that radiates from every corner of the space, where a classic guitar is beautifully adorned as a timeless work of art and also the delight in the intricately designed flooring pattern.

Art Deco never fails to captivate and inspire. We make it the space that takes you on a nostalgic journey back in time while enjoying the most stylish moments. 

CHAR Restaurant isn’t just a grill joint, it’s an art lover’s paradise. Feast your eyes on the artistic detail adorning every corner as you savor your favorite meal.

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