6 Things Minimalist Interior Design Must-Have

6 Things Minimalist Interior Design Must-Have


What is the Minimalist Interior Design?

Before start the room decoration, make sure you are on the right track. Nowadays, minimalist interior design is differently defined in various ways. Some think of it as the concept of less is more. Some think of it as a clean empty room with a few elements. While some see it as a functional room without clutter. But what is the correct one? Are we talking about the same ‘minimalist’? Let’s see.

Whenever it is, minimalist interior design always comes up with the concept ‘Form follows function’. A minimal room displays as a simple room but actually it has been through delicate organizing. The main point you will notice instantly after step into the room, there is no mess. It’s a clutter-free space with clean lines, solid colors, and usually furnished with contemporary furnitures. You will find the pure ambiance and tidy surroundings, not the cold spacious room.

Minimalist interior design is not that complicated. There are only 6 main points that you need to know before start. Here are tips to decorate the minimal room that we collected for you.

6 Tips to Decorate the Minimal Room

1. Say goodbye to clutter

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If you’re familiar with the word “Spark joy”, we guess you know this well. Since we know we have to organize your old cluttering room to get the new minimal room, the first thing to do is getting rid of junk. We know everything is meaningful, but ask yourself if it sparks joy? Keep only the things that truly matter, throw away the unnecessary thing you don’t even notice when it’s lost. Then you will finally get the list of essentials. Sometimes minimalist interior design is the shortcut to change your lifestyle as well.

2. Go clean with clean line furnitures

Minimalist Interior Design

After empty the room, now it’s time to refresh. The second thing to do in minimal room decoration, let’s place the furniture in the right way. Everything needs to blend into the background, not stand out. Furnitures with clean lines, such as simple flat and curve design, provide a seamless look. The handle-less cupboards or cabinets also work. If you know the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, give it less attention by changing the design. Instead of a stencil bedframe, try a frameless one. Moreover, space is so important in minimalist interior design. Don’t forget to leave the floor area open as possible.

3. Get the storage solution


Let’s mix 1 and 2 together and you will see what can we do to manage storage in minimal room decoration. We keep only some items to display and some need to be stored and easily accessed. But where do we store them while having only a few storage? The interesting way to do is making furnitures the storage themselves, such as bed cupboard or bathroom mirror with mini storage inside. Fewer furnitures with full function is the best way to define minimalist interior design.

4. Neutral color is the key


Remember that simple ordinary design can be stylish. Putting items with outstanding color on a neutral backdrop can change everything. A pop of color plays the main role of bringing a gimmick to your minimalist interior design. Pick inviting simple colors in a neutral tone such as pastel, and monochrome to add vivid to room decoration. Light color palette is popular among minimal lovers. But if you want to add some vibrant, you can add 1 or 2 brighter colors but not too much. Always keep in your mind that no fancy things in a minimal room.

5. Less is more for decoration


Some of you might think ‘How can we decorate when we need to be neutral?’. Actually, the minimal room’s owners can enjoy decorating too. Just stick to the plan, no fancy and no clutter distraction in room decoration. Try basic accessories with fewer quantities. Keep only essential ones to display on the shelves or tables. Let the decorative elements be the room accent, not the outstanding point. But If you really want that stunning artwork in your room, hang it as the focal point of the room instead of random wall items that can distract your eyes. Less is more is still the concept of minimalist interior design.

6. Let sunlight be natural lighting


The easy way to manage lighting in minimalist interior design is by letting natural light pour in. Try the sheer curtain or clear it away by leaving the window unadorned. Besides bare windows help simplify your room, it also brightens the whole space with the various natural color of light. But if you concern about privacy, try lighter curtains, blinds, or focusing on layered lighting with simple design fixtures to create an inviting ambiance instead.

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