11 Tips to Decorate Your Luxury Bathroom
Luxury Bathroom Design

11 Tips to Decorate Your Luxury Bathroom

11 Tips to Decorate Your Luxury Bathroom Design

Luxury (n.) great comfort, especially as provided by expensive and beautiful things. As in the Cambridge dictionary, the definition of luxury interior design might sound a bit expensive to you. Especially bathroom that is known as the most complicated space to renovate since there are sanitary wares and plumbing fixtures that you need to concern about.

Bathroom is not only the place for taking a bath. It’s a private corner to relax and liberate your mind. The peaceful space where you are able to spend time with yourself, humming your favourite song freely, and no one can disturb you. So why don’t you make it the wonderful place where you can enjoy your valuable time here?

Actually, you don’t really need to change the whole bathroom. There are still numerous ways to decorate your bathroom design to look luxurious and expensive. By upgrading some small details in decoration that represent the sense the touch of high-class. Here are 11 tips to decorate your luxury bathroom.

1. Marble

Luxury Bathroom Design

If you’re looking for a way to glam up your bathroom design, the first thing to do in decoration is to add a luxe element like marble, forever classic material with a unique and irreplicable pattern that instantly catches the eyes after entering the room. It spells more elegance and tranquility when pairing with light-toned interiors.

2. Brass & Gold

The shining star of interiors is back. Just adding a small touch of brass and gold details to your bathroom design, like plumbing fixtures such as sinks, showerheads, or even mirror frames, it will certainly stand out, especially, against a white marble or white tile. Brass, gold, and bronze work well together since they share similar warmth tones. Let’s renew the interior design for your bathroom to be highly polished with reflective and yellow gold appearances.

3. Mirror

Aside from brightening up the spaces, the mirror is always a secret weapon to boost your bathroom atmosphere. It creates interesting reflection and a tasteful design aesthetic with a super contemporary feel to interior design. Especially, the shiny mirror wall amplifies a touch of class, giving a room the wow factor.

4. Seating

Extra seating can turn the normal bathroom design to be an elegant and upscale place for you. Here comes the clever decoration. We recommend a small stool or ottoman, placing near the vanity or anywhere you like. You will find it’s so remarkably great to liberate your mind while moisturizing your body with those premium body care on the soft and cozy seat.

5. Chandelier

Large-scale lighting, especially charming chandelier, turns your bathroom into a spa-like getaway. Not only providing great lighting, but it also adds an incredible splash of elegance. Either traditional candlestick-like structures or abstract ones, outstanding decoration of each of them brings your luxury bathroom design a different look and character.

6. Greenery

An easy way to add color and drama to your luxury bathroom. Plants have a way of livening up and softening up space. A lot of high-end hotels & resorts choose vertical gardens to decorate their elegant 5-star rooms. You can find it peaceful and pleasing while relaxing in the bathtub, humming the melody of your favorite song.

7. Rug

To refresh and enhance the decor of your bathroom, an eye-catching rug is a perfect choice for you to try. Faux fur and hide have always been considered as signs of wealth and social prestige. A bath rug with stylish patterns and refined textiles gives a wonderful impact and emotional appeal on your decoration as well.

8. High ceiling

Double height ceiling really adds an air of luxury to your bathroom. The extra spaces are a cunning way to deceive the eye. It’s the creative illusion that makes your space looks as enormous as you are in the royal palace.

9. Flooring

For bedroom, living room, or kitchen, you can pick any flooring you like, but for bathroom  where water is everywhere, it’s a different playbook. While you’re looking for a favorite style of tile, you need to concern about both beauty and durability. Luxury vinyl tile gives a bathroom a high-end look with a soft and warm mood. As well as natural stone, such as marble and granite, is a luxurious and durable way for flooring in bathroom design with water-resistant options.

10. Bathtub tray

Since bathtime is a perfect time to rest. During your home spa time, we believe you need your favorite book, a glass of wine, a scented candle, and your tablet to begin your Netflix beside you for sure. Luxury, somehow, means you are relaxing in the most comfortable place in the world. So, a bathtub tray would be the ideal item for any bath lover. Aside from its functionality, it also provides you the romantic vibes as in bathroom scenes of Hollywood movies.

11. Wall art

Art always reflects the background of owner. Dressing your wall up with a touch of finesse and timeless sophistication to your bathroom’s wall. Extraordinary artwork in a beautiful frame brings your space the dramatic impact and decorative accent. For your recommendation, landscapes, still lifes, portraits of people and animals, especially abstract paintings, are the most widespread for luxury look of bathroom design.

Only one or two things from these materials, you can feel the scent of luxury instantly after you step into your new bathroom.

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