2021 Most Popular Chandelier Ideas for Every Interior Design

2021 Most Popular Chandelier Ideas for Every Interior Design

The glimmering light of the chandelier is always in the first part of the memory of the guest who visited your living room or had dinner in your dining room. It can even bring glamorous shade to your private walk-in closet. The forever popular choice for most interior design.

Many people prefer decorative chandeliers to add an ornamental accent to their place. In the past, it might be found only in the interior design with high-class looks like luxury or classic, but nowadays, no rule for chandeliers anymore. There are tons of designs that are able to match any type of interior. We know different people have their own unique styles. You can enjoy decorating with your favorite one, ornate chandeliers, old-school chandeliers, contemporary chandeliers, abstract geometric chandeliers, and so on.

The chandelier consists of a play of light and shadow that attracts every eye in the room. It sets the tone of your space and delivers a different ambiance by various lighting. Today we bring you the list of popular chandelier ideas and tips to match it with each interior design.

1. Candle Chandeliers

Source : The Wall Street Journal

The classic chandeliers of all time. The original candle chandeliers are made of real candlelight which is the signature. Since it’s 2021 now, there are a thousand shapes of artificial candles that you can choose with a lot of lighting options. With the ornate look and feel, it always gives high-class appearances.

In the past, a European-style candle chandelier looks exactly like a real candle. While in the present, it doesn’t need to look like that anymore. In some places, the fixture elements transform into a simple design with flat lines and fewer details in order to be more versatile with any interior design, especially when homeowners prefer candle chandeliers in the modern contemporary living room.

Previously, the fixture materials that are commonly found are brass, gold, or crystal in traditional interior designs like rustic and classic. Now, there are tons of modern candle chandeliers with black iron square ring shapes, geometric metal curved arms, and so on.

2. Modern Contemporary Chandeliers

Source : Framework

Speaking of modern contemporary interior design, it always consists of something new and interesting. If you’re the type that is easily bored of something, try the chandelier with creative visual elements to add an avant-garde look to your space. Besides giving a futuristic accent, modern contemporary chandeliers are said to be an exceptional art piece.

How to choose the right design? Just pick your favorite one! Since there are various designs to be called modern contemporary, it depends on your taste. Most of them is created from geometric shape or abstract design with unique concepts, such as firework, bubble, sun, star, ring, branch, spotlight, and so on.

Modern contemporary chandeliers, as same as its name, belong to modern contemporary interior design and suit it the best. If you wanna go more exotic, pair it with futuristic furniture. Then, you can assure every guest will definitely remember your home as an art gallery.

3. Tiered Chandeliers

Source : Antilisha

Tiered chandeliers, as its name, there are levels of shade that resemble a tiered cake. It can be tiered into any levels you like, start from 2 to more than 10 tiers. The more tiers the chandelier has, the more ornamental it will be. It’s always selected to be in the foyer, entryway, or stairway to be the focal point that captures every eye.

Even though shiny crystal-tiered chandeliers are mostly found in many interior designs, there are still hundreds of interesting designs to enjoy decorating. For example, capiz shell, iron ring, Samoa, and so on. The most used color is expensive-looking like gold, silver, bronze, and champagne, and rose gold. Different materials and colors will set the tone of space and deliver different appearances.

Since the tiered chandeliers provide the high-class accent, it’s always the very first choice to fulfill the luxury interior design, but still depends on materials. If the tiers are made of sisal, it would be better to apply to the room with a natural tone and wooden interior.

4. Drum Chandeliers

Source : MyDamaine

Another design that is named after the reminiscence, drum chandeliers. Since the drum shade is the part that can be freely customized any way you want, it offers a million looks that can be applied to any interior design.

For the luxury and elegant interior design lover, we recommend the drum chandelier with glass lace, mirror, or stencil. For those who want to makeover your contemporary room, try wire mesh or geometry. For the person who prefers something natural, the one that is made of wood or rattan will naturally cover the space with a soft touch of nature.

5. Caged Chandeliers

Source : Vinluz Lighting

Even you got a plain room with nothing special, only one caged chandelier will glam up the whole room. With its delicate detail and complex element, it’s categorized as an ornate design that delivers a gorgeous and artistic look. Especially, it’s always popular with creative shapes and interesting concepts.

Speaking of style, you can customize the cage and the light fixture inside. It doesn’t need to always be the rustic cage with the candle-shaped fixtures. That only suits best with victorian interior design. Some are happy with only black iron caged chandelier with a simple outline and basic light bulb to complete the minimal look. While some love the ornamental style, choose 3 wooden stencil cages hanging together and get a perfect antique dining room.

6. Bowl Chandeliers

Source : MyDomaine

Bowl chandelier is the best choice for those who prefer the compact chandelier. It’s not always the smallest one, but with that bowl shape, you can control the size and placement. Moreover, the ordinary shape gives you an interesting light effect with the extraordinary dimension, making the interior design become more decorative and dimensional.

Even it’s called a bowl, it might not sound interesting for some of you. But the shade is the same as people, we dress up in various clothes to change our styles. The normal bowl shade can be added tons of textures and details, such as hued stained glass, confetti, wire mesh, frosted glass, bamboo, or even turns transparent! Some hang more than 2 bowls together to embellish the wall and it’s called Alabaster.

You can find the bowl chandeliers in any interior design, from modern to vintage, from luxury to shabby chic, from contemporary to antique. The advantage of the simple shape like the bowl is the timeless appearance and versatility to apply with any kind of atmosphere.

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